Friday, May 1, 2015

"Asked when she'll strike a deal with Brown, Napolitano simply said: "I think we both recognize that this is a problem to be solved."

see National Journal's: The Battle to Fund California's Public University System
Does it include a veiled update from the Committee of Two? :

"UC president Janet Napolitano says state leaders still want to cut costs further."

Napolitano also weighed in on the issue of UC's diversity. Asian students are overrepresented on University of California campuses, while Latino and African-American students are underrepresented. She said she doesn't know how an enrollment cap would affect UC's demographics."

see also their other piece on: California's Latino Graduation Crisis -College graduation rates for Latinos lag far behind, threatening the state's economic future.

LA Times: Despite Progress, Still Too Few Latinos Admitted To UC Report Says

The report released Wednesday by the Campaign for College Opportunity comes a year after UC officials announced that for the first time in history more Latinos than whites were offered freshman admission for fall 2014.


The study delves deeper into the numbers and finds cause for concern: The admission rate for Latinos is 9 percentage points lower than for whites and has declined 28% since 1994.

That compares with a 21% decline in that period for all applicants.

That full report available here: Campaign For College Opportunity Report:
April 2015 | State of Higher Education in California: The Latino Report

and includes the numbers are even worse for some other minority groups...

National Journal archive of the live stream of the event: here
Napolitano makes a speech at the 35:00 mark
then sits for an interview from about the 45:00 mark to the 1:21:00 mark
then takes three questions from the audience

She discusses Arizona State U.
Online Instruction
Latino and Black/ African American admissions to UC
CA Community Colleges
Resistance from faculty on transfer admissions policy also comes up in the conversation
Ferguson and Baltimore also are topics covered

See - in Sac Bee 'a tour of contrition':
After a record number of undocumented immigrants were deported during her tenure as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano didn’t receive the warmest welcome to her new position as president of the University of California. She has since embarked on a tour of contrition, which includes a keynote address today at a conference on immigration in California hosted by the National Journal, where Napolitano will discuss UC’s financial aid policies for undocumented students and her support for President Barack Obama’s controversial executive immigration action. The event, 10 a.m. at the Tech Museum in San Jose, also includes former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Assemblyman Rocky Chávez, R-Oceanside, who is running for the U.S. Senate.

a UC Bruin writes opinion in SF Chron, on education and implicit racial bias, this:
Even in a resource-rich community such as San Francisco, the achievement gap persists — only 36 percent of Latino students and 28 percent of black students have taken the courses needed to apply to the UC system, compared with 62 percent of white students.

We must counteract our own biases with policies and systems rooted in equity and accountability.


Most importantly, California’s education leadership must do everything possible to check their own biases at the door. Those who make education policy can’t afford to discuss issues of race, gender and class only in academic circles, where people of color are more likely to serve coffee than participate in the conversation.


Remaking The University post on The LAO And Permanent University Austerity
also gets into discussion on enrollment numbers

-- Recall, as you read it, also that in early March the JLAC approved an audit that would give more detail to these matters --going back several years-- but then they delayed their approved audit until July in deference to the Committee of Two 'proceedings'.

Grad Student at UCSB writes this op ed: Colleges Bleed to Death Slowly

NYT earlier with this: First Generation Students Unite

Daily Cal mentioned UC Berkeley released some 'transfer admissions' decisions

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