Sunday, May 3, 2015

Billionaires Battle Over UCSF and Warriors- the 'UC in SF Indentity Crisis' Continues. The Peeved Keep Hitting UCLA, hard. And, a Chancellor Dirks Interview.

see SF Gate: Anonymous Alliance Is Out To Kill Warriors Arena

The out-the-gate attack may center around parking and traffic headaches, but the real aim of the anonymous big-bucks group of UCSF donors that’s going after the proposed Warriors arena at Mission Bay is to kill it entirely — so the land can be saved for a future expansion of the school’s $4 billion hospital.

-Includes this excerpt on a less sympathetic view of UCSF's relationship to SF:

Another possibility is an anti-arena initiative on the city ballot.

But Agnos says both sides can play in this game — and once there’s a full-on campaign, the donors might not look so sympathetic.

“That would be a fool’s errand because it would expose the fact that the university pays no taxes to speak of to the city, and now they’re arguing that they want to bank more land for which the Warriors are prepared to pay millions in taxes,” he said.

Game on.

-Earlier from SF Gate: UCSF’s Big-Money Backers Call Foul On Warriors Arena Foes

--Now, go back and look at San Jose Merc archive on: Who's Who Of Rich and Powerful Behind Proposition 32 includes:

"William Oberndorf, a Mill Valley hedge fund manager prominent in the school privatization movement, has poured $1.3 million into the Prop 32 campaign."

-Then, this from BizJrnl: a UCSF retiree, who retired for "health reasons" but seems to be back in the middle of it now..

--It is getting pretty intense, claims on each side of 'friends of UCSF' as being greedy and fueled by "avarice"

Flashbacks on UCSF identity crisis includes:
UCSF Secession From University of California System Just 'Loose Talk,' Napolitano says (2014)

Land Use, Space Use Major Issues Go Back, see
Surprising Office Politics At UCSF Mission Bay
and open floor plans that Chancellor said she herself would use, but then that Chancellor quit, remember..

And a role in - the bench-marking discussion

See for that kind of background Changing Universities: The New Funding Model for the UC System

Also, their other post on: for add'l background this post with: and the amount the state auditor said each campus was overfunded or underfunded in 2009-10 before the change to the new system (Merced and UCSF are excluded for historical reasons)

UC Hastings also in the foggy...see:

Daily Cal: One university and UC Hastings- Ed-xistential Crisis
By Adam J. Garzoli
You can also check out Garzoli's full video essay interview with Chancellor Dirks compiled at Daily Cal here:

or, just click play below:

UCLA big mess -- follow the links at this post in UCLA Fac Blog: L'affair Peevey: Declining Isn't Always the Wisest Choice

--eventually you get to UC Berkeley coming up in the front end of the ongoing saga.

The term 'influence peddling' comes up as a question throughout various news coverage - The wiki describes that as "the use of position or political influence on someone's behalf in exchange for money or favors."

And, that term whenever attached to the word "research" is something research universities have to worry a great deal about.
Matier and Ross also had something about UC Regent Blum now in Kathmandu trying to assess the damage from the Nepal check around SF Gate/SF Chronicle via the link at the top of this post.

There will be a UC Regents meeting Thursday and Friday May 21-22*
at UCSF Mission Bay.

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