Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Calish --Shared Services and Op Ex and 'unto the breach' again. Also, UC Comp Reports 2013-14 roundup.

Daily Cal: Campus Shared Services Employees, Faculty Adopt New Phase, Perspective
includes infograph noting --Campus Shared Services at UCB-- budget $20.7 million
Total Operational Excellence approved budget $74,962,000

The Op Ex old guard framed as the Campus Shared Services 'new guard'
(It is funny - cuz Op Ex is the 'parent' of CSS, right?):

The new guard...

Optimism from faculty and initiative employees has been on the rise since a change in leadership and direction last October. The new head of the program, Peggy Huston, has focused on improving communication with faculty and developing metrics to measure and assess CSS’s progress.

Huston, who succeeded Thera Kalmijn as the chief operating officer, has begun what she called a “quick wins” program that makes immediate changes to improve efficiency, such as standardizing policies for work emails.


CSS has also recruited students to test policies that received faculty complaints, such as the system of reimbursement for faculty expenses. Rae uses these tests to collect more data for improving the initiative.

--Did they really adopt them? Did they have any choice?
It was more than one, not singular, but plural...

Campus announces data breach -affecting- "This included about 260 undergraduate students and some former students, as well as about 290 parents and other individuals, generally family members of the notified students. "

The data breach involved unauthorized access to a campus Web server maintained by a unit within UC Berkeley’s Division of Equity and Inclusion.


The investigation revealed that the unauthorized access first occurred in December 2014 and that an additional, separate, unauthorized access occurred in February 2015.

Daily Cal again: National Science Foundation Questions UC Berkeley’s Use of Roughly $1.9 Million
The biggest portion of the allegedly misused spending went to senior personnel salary costs, a total of roughly $1.6 million that the NSF Office of the Inspector General said exceeded salary limitations and violated its policies.

Last week, the NSF allowed Virginia Tech to use the foundation’s grants to pay about $1.5 million for senior salaries, though the office had previously deemed that the university had misspent the money on such salaries. Instead, the NSF said the audit had misinterpreted its own faculty compensation policy. Gilmore believes the situation at Virginia Tech mirrors that at UC Berkeley.

Mid and Late Last Year these were generated, but seldom discussed:

2013 Annual Report on Employee Compensation (published July 2014)

2013 Employee Payroll Database

2014 Update of Total Remuneration Study for General Campus Ladder Rank Faculty

2013 Annual Report on Total Compensation for Senior Managers (August 2014)

2013 Annual Report on Compensated Outside Professional Activities for Senior Managers (August 2014)

2013 Annual Report on Deans and Faculty Administrators Compensation
(October 2014)


An 'Eve of St. Crispin's Day Speech' moment? from the Berkeley Blog:
Unaccountable Britain

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