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"I have often witnessed a complete disregard for the importance of these evaluations. Professors often do not reserve a dedicated time for students to complete them and, like an afterthought, use the last few minutes of the last class of the semester to distribute them."

A round up of links, coverage-- First,
see this link for: Commonwealth National Podcast (audio only, video not available yet)
"What’s the Value of a College Education?"

From a talk held Wed, Apr 29 2015 -

Alecia DeCoudreaux, President, Mills College

Richard Ekman, President, Council of Independent Colleges

Mary Marcy, President, Dominican University of California

Mohammad Qayoumi, President, California State University San Jose

Claude Steele, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, UC Berkeley

Moderator: Monica R. Martinez, Deeper Learning Senior Fellow, Hewlett Foundation; Commissioner, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics -

Program sponsored by Charles Schwab

Description: For the United States to remain competitive in the global economy, our citizens need to be innovative, versatile and well-educated. To provide for these qualifications, does our model of higher education need a wholesale renovation? What would an education that is tailored to the needs of the 21st century – and affordable to all – even look like? Join this distinguished panel of public and private college educators to tackle the difficult challenges ahead: What is the value of a liberal arts college education versus a pre-professional vocational skill-building model? Why does college cost so much? How can we close the gap between attendance and graduation rates? Can we design blended in-person and online courses that are both instructive and cost-efficient? And finally, how can we get our state and federal governments to continue to support higher education and to take the financial burden off of students?

Daily Cal coverage of it: Officials Hold Panel To Address Higher Education’s Cost, Value
Daily Cal also with:
Founder of Khan Academy, Salman Khan, speaks at UC Berkeley
--note the students familiarity with it and the popularity highlighted in it.
Then, in an op ed -from a graduating 'Grad' student: Microaggressions Experienced By Students, Faculty Deserve Consideration- includes a section on course evaluations of professors:
In both the classes I myself have taken and the ones where I had the opportunity to serve as a graduate student instructor, I have often witnessed a complete disregard for the importance of these evaluations. Professors often do not reserve a dedicated time for students to complete them and, like an afterthought, use the last few minutes of the last class of the semester to distribute them.

And, also this overview from a soon to graduate Cal undergrad covering CA higher ed:
On the future of the UC system

Remaking the University with:
Faculty - Admin Cluster Collision at University of Illinois Chicago

yep, a 'Cluster...Collision'
on the private higher ed side in Chi-town: Obama picks University of Chicago for presidential library

UCLA Fac Blog posted this interesting development that includes:

"Two of UCSF’s most prominent financial backers have sent a clear message to opponents of the proposed Golden State Warriors arena at Mission Bay: Buzz off. “The mayor and UCSF have put together an amazing plan that solves any theoretical potential traffic, access and parking issues,” Salesforce executive Marc Benioff — whose name graces the new UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital at Mission Bay — wrote in an e-mail to the San Francisco Business Times on Thursday.

-Relocating the Golden State Warriors away from Oakland to SF and then he will give the commencement speech at Cal at the same time??!

--Bigger question : Is UCSF Working On Plans In Support Of Private Interests To Move A Professional NBA Team --as part of their duties as a land grant public research university?!

Is UC Hastings, a law school and also located in San Francisco, working on it too?
and, The Governor appointed CA Republican leadership to the CCC Board of Governors

This is how it reads: "Isaacson placed former Arizona governor and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano in the presidency of the University of California system."
from this article that mentions multiple higher ed headhunter moves nationwide: UNC Panel Narrows Headhunter List
So, is that where the Napolitano 'contrition tour' blame (mentioned by Sac Bee earlier) belongs?
Previously provided the audio links to it but now the video of it has become available so here it is
Janet Napolitano and Mark Yudof: A Conversation on the Future of Higher Education
From February 05, 2015

At the 45:00 mark to close of the talk they take up athletics and graduation rates
-Yudof's views on divestment and/or boycott practices
-Yudof's 'roving UC President' duties discussed
-Yudof comments on how the blame lies with a UC Chancellor and not a UC President on grad rates at a given campus etc.
-Napolitano's views on social media

--and then some very interesting exchange and comments on Title IX from the moderator who also is a board member at GSPP at UC Berkeley.

...btw, see: this Title IX Blog post on a shared frustration with how -even in cases involving supposed policy or 'subject matter' experts- Title IX is characterized, perceived, strategically given an amorphous narrative.

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