Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's not about the...

See this from CAP Radio on 'Democrats Look To Boost Childcare, Higher Ed': Speaker Toni Atkins says Assembly Democrats want to invest in child care, higher education, and a state earned income tax credit to reduce poverty.

“We know we’re not gonna get everything we want,” Atkins told reporters during a budget briefing Tuesday. “We all have priorities we care about. And all of these areas have suffered cuts over the last decade.”

In the Senate, Democrats agree about child care and the UC and CSU systems. They’ll also prioritize money to combat climate change and provide health care for undocumented immigrants.

Legislative Democrats believe they’ll have a billion dollars available for new spending.

--It's not just about the funding only though. The Governor was caught by unpleasant surprise by UC-Napolitano announcements on tuition and admissions - recall many viewed the approach as "disrespectful" to the Governor, who is also President of the UC Regents.

Then, repeatedly, Sacramento had to defer to the Committee of Two which made them look... Anyway, those recent events are not forgotten.

So, there are still likely more chess moves to watch in this...
UCLA never planned to disclose receiving a $25 million dollar 'gift', or? See UT San Diego:

UCLA had plans for $25 million
Proposal called for campus to get greenhouse gas funds from San Onofre closure

Officials at the University of California, Los Angeles never planned to share $25 million of research grants that former utility regulator Michael Peevey helped secure from owners of the failed San Onofre nuclear power plant.

The university’s California Center for Sustainable Communities put together a “concept proposal” in May 2014, long before the greenhouse-gas research funds became publicly known. It called for the Los Angeles campus to collect and spend the entire donation on a data research center.

Or, should the word "share" get a 'literalist' treatment?

It's not about the...

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