Thursday, May 28, 2015

"One of their goals is to prevent these students from getting jobs."

see this breaking KGO ABC Local story: "Website Targeting Politically Active College Students Infringes On Free Speech"

Among those targeted is the current UC student regent Sadia Saifuddin. The website has a complete profile on her, including what they call infamous quotes.
A Cal spokesperson said UC Berkeley has no connection with the website and was not even aware of its existence until ABC7 News called the school. Some people started hearing about it just a few days ago.

A sad, huge mess at the end of the year. At the end of last week's UC Regents meeting some of the UC Regents thanked Saifuddin for her service on issues like campus safety, ending hunger on campus, etc. That was followed by a great moment where she and the incoming student regent Oved both laughed with each other (because she was overwhelmed by the kind words of UC Regent Reiss and others and she teared up and looked over to him) and it looked like they (Saifuddin and Oved) were bantering and something made them both laugh. It is in stark contrast to what is described in the news story above.

Regent Blum made public comments directed to her about her appointment and his feeling about her appointment during open session when she first became a regent - he welcomed her while expressing his concerns etc. - but it looked like Blum was not present for the May UC Regents meeting to make parting comments to her at the end of her term. In previous meetings it appeared they (Blum and Saifuddin) enjoyed a collegial and good exchange. Perhaps he is still working on the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal efforts and couldn't be in town.

Napolitano has previously made some comments about her concerns around the issues touched upon in the news report.

Former UC President Mark Yudof said (at an event- click this link- where he was interviewed along with Napolitano- both of their specific, relevant comments come after the 45:00 mark) that he stepped in on some similar recent issues at UC Davis and other UC campuses as a sort of 'roving UC pres' - Wonder if he will step into this? Or, maybe this requires more direct handling by Napolitano?

This issue - campus climate issues- etc. is also likely to be slated (based on what was alluded to in comments and coverage during May meeting) as a UC Regents agenda item in July along with other key, critically important topics like finalizing tuition/may revise positions ; campus safety planning, and getting into detail on some other controversial major UC projects (UC PATH?)- but have to wait for the UC Regents to formally post their agenda items for that meeting in mid summer.

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