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"Shut Up" and "We Don't Need To Listen To This Crap" - Mother's Day Edition

What would moms everywhere say to that kind of talk? ha,ha.

A very long alternative to a card and flowers:

San Jose Mercury: UC and MIT Battle Over Patent Gene Editing Tool

KQED on other aspects of it last year:
Janet Napolitano Hopes UC Can Cash In on Companies, Not Just Research
Jennifer Doudna is Haurwitz’s old professor and current business partner. “I was just a curious scientist investigating what I thought could be an interesting pathway in bacteria,” Doudna says. Her lab has been studying RNA for more than 20 years. She says people would have thought her crazy if she set out with the goal of creating Caribou’s technology. “Initially,” she says, “I wasn’t thinking of applications at all.”

Doudna says this is how America has made big science breakthroughs for decades — not by chasing products but by curious investigation. And for decades, schools like UC Berkeley have made money through patents on the intellectual property or IP. (Well, more precisely since 1980. That is when the government passed the Bayh-Dole Act, which lets universities keep profits from patents developed through governmental funding.) Now, however, the University of California hopes to make money in a new way—from the success of the companies themselves.

The UC Regents state: "Ten days before each scheduled meeting, the Notice of Meeting (agendas) will be available on this website." -There is a meeting starting on May 20th - but no agenda items have been posted yet. In March Regent M said - with regard to the building and grounds committee items- that he did not receive word on some agenda items being moved out of his committee and into finance committee-- and the General Counsel to the UC Regents and the Secretary to the UC Regents were asked about it -the questions still linger over what happened with the notice and timing.
Likely, the UC Regents will post the agenda items tomorrow/Monday - but they should explain what: "Ten days before each scheduled meeting" really means.
Daily Cal: Berkeley Forum Panel on Public Higher Education Shut Down Amid Protest

The crowd was quelled briefly after organizers announced they would reformat the question-and-answer period to accommodate all audience members instead of just the handful who had been preselected to direct questions to the speakers. But shouting and chanting from the crowd resumed after Dirks and Steele declined to comment on certain questions, and the event was shut down.

(bold emphasis added)
Univision: see link for video here Estudiantes indocumentados enfrentan a Janet Napolitano

Daily Bruin: Napolitano’s Track Record Upsets Undocumented Students At UC Summit
When Napolitano entered the room to give her speech for the opening session of the summit, one student from each campus stood up and talked about a grievance they had regarding Napolitano. Some students talked about deportations of undocumented individuals that happened during Napolitano’s tenure as secretary of the DHS and others talked about the struggles that undocumented students face today.

After students stood up and talked about their concerns, they began leaving as part of a coordinated effort. By the end of the walkout, the room was nearly empty, said Francisco López-Flores, a fourth-year Chicana/o studies student who attended the summit.

(It was earlier mentioned by Daily Cal like this
"UC to host 1st summit for undocumented students in higher education" - but can't find where Daily Cal has anything up yet on what actually happened at the event)

Daily Cal with New Faculty Association Aims to Make UC Berkeley Representative of CA includes:
The faculty association is researching the scope of Chicano-Latino visibility on campus, such as what fields of research lack adequate representation and how staff members are positioned on campus, in order to make informed recommendations to the administration on how to improve diversity at both the faculty and student level.


San Jose Mercury News: Undocumented Students Disrupt Janet Napolitano's Speech At UC Summit

"We are not here to simply fill your seats for your political gain," said one.

"We demand that you listen to us," said another.

"You cannot make decisions ... about our lives without knowing our personal struggles," said a third.


Their mistrust level remained high because many key student and faculty leaders on these issues weren't invited to the conference at all, some of the students complained.

"It was very exclusive: The nomination process was not open to every (undocumented) student," said Ciclady Rodriguez, 21, a UC Berkeley media studies major

And--Is money tight throughout UC?

But money is tight throughout UC, as Napolitano and the Board of Regents threaten to raise tuition by 5 percent in each of the next five years unless Brown and the Legislature give the system more in next year's state budget.

"The way you build bridges is you keep at it," she said. "You've got to start somewhere."

(bold emphasis added)


"Like a bridge over" to...UCLA Fac Blog:
Bridging the UC Budget Gap
The interesting thing up to this point is that although the bridge is a state project, Gov. Brown has shown little interest in the evident mismanagement by the state - his state - of the reconstruction. And, up to this point, the public hasn't held him responsible (certainly not when he was up for re-election). But in large part, the public was so relieved to be freed from years of state budget crises - for which Brown got credit - that his popularity overwhelmed other bad news.

Now, however, Brown has problems. There is no immediate budget crisis. But the drought has - or will soon - inflict costs and pain on millions of Californians. And you can be sure local water agencies, wanting to deflect public anger, will point to the state to take the blame.

Santa Cruz Sentinel has a detailed UCSC Update, Follow Up on Aftermath of Protest Against Tuition Hikes there

recall this:

Daily Bruin Op Ed in late April had this: Students Need A Voice In Commencement Speaker Decisions
Student government officials are much more in touch with the student body than administrators are. Giving them a greater say in picking the commencement speaker would ensure a more inclusive, diverse roster of speakers that truly reflects the desires of the student body and the values of the university.
There was also this very interesting section on SCOTUS Justice Blackmun and an interesting First Amendment story involving a UC Davis commencement speech in 'Vanderhoef’s Book Is A Must-Read'
In Vanderhoef’s telling, “Just 12 days before the ceremony, Blackmun informed the law school that he would not come if the campus permitted television reporters to cover his speech. He would only agree to have TV reporters in the audience if their stations agreed to broadcast his remarks in their entirety.”
Blackmun, despite his long service on the Supreme Court, apparently had never run across the First Amendment.
Adds Vanderhoef, “As a public university, we could not agree to Blackmun’s demands.”

( then first-term Gov. Brown stepped in to deliver the commencement when Blackmun was scratched...and here is a wiki bio on Justice Blackmun if needed)

--Also at Davis Enterprise Vanderhoef’s Memoir Embraces UCD’s Heart


and there is this other section:

“The ‘whereas’ clauses, condemning my settlement of a potential discrimination lawsuit threatened by a departing vice chancellor, accused me of unethical behavior that had caused irreparable damage to the image of UC Davis. ‘Condemn.’ ‘No confidence.’ The words took my breath away.”
Adds Vanderhoef, “The next six weeks were interminably agonizing as I awaited the posting of ‘pro’ and ‘con’ statements, a Senate town hall meeting, the mailing and return of the ballots, the vote tally and, finally, the announced outcome.”


SF Gate recollection: UC Davis Cuts Deal To Avoid Bias Suit Ex-Vice Chancellor Gets $205,000 Job -- Regents Didn't Know (2005)

Also, another part of : Vanderhoef’s Memoir Embraces UCD’s Heart
to note:
“This lively and highly readable book is a distinctly different kind of memoir,” said Patricia Pelfrey, a UC historian who wrote a book about UC President Richard Atkinson.

- Look at a CSHE library list here - e.g of history from UC historians offered in a specific way?

Could that kind of interplay also be part of the 'problem' in efforts trying to now make CSHE seem some sort of impartial body that UCOP(?) can use (for lobbying?) -
see: As Kerr’s Promise Dwindles, Higher-Ed Center Dreams Big

“People are just interested in higher education,” she adds. “It’s our industry. Everybody’s got, if not a son or daughter, a niece or nephew, or a grandchild — I mean, everybody feels it in their pocketbook, and with their family. So it’s one of these issues that people have a kind of everyday interest in.”

That said, she wouldn’t object if those in policymaking positions began to view the center as more of an intellectual resource, as was the case in the heyday of Clark Kerr and the Master Plan.

“The center used to have a very strong connection to the Office of the President, and used to do research that people wanted done,” says Christ. “It would be great if it started to play that role again.”

-Recall in the past, CSHE and/or its research hardly noticed by many on campus but when it was -- well, it sometimes looked like an arm of the UC PR factory. e.g.-- a UC related scandal, or series of UC related scandals would hit headlines and then, very conveniently, a CSHE white paper is generated on the topic (to explain the scandal away as an anomaly, misunderstanding,?) etc. That's been an impression formed over years of the modus operandi at work there at times.
There also was this development - the: recently announced retirement of a UCB 'Associate Chancellor' that makes no mention of the name of a certain former UC President with a key historical role and occurs with curious timing-- that news came at the end of UC Berkeley's Campus Sexual Assault Awareness Month - UC Berkeley is still under Fed Title IX investigation and/or possibly 'compliance review' etc. -- the final reports, findings yet to come...sometime in the future.

Again an SF Gate recollection: UC Pres. Dynes Appears To Have Violated University Policy By Quietly Granting M.R.C. Greenwood A $125,000 Cash Payment (2005)
- just one of many stories that came up during that UC Presidency.

[Modern Luxury's "San Francisco Magazine" had an in-depth piece titled "The Scandal, The Scapegoat, and The Suicide"

That issue does not appear in their archive library. You might ask why? The article ended with (from senior higher ed admin and faculty from outside CA with contacts at UC) a telling quote about UC- something like : 'That system doesn't know how to treat women'-- just something that keeps coming to mind during this period where so many headlines and concerns about access and equality - lack of access and equality at UC - keep cropping up.

'It' has a history..

Also, there was an hour long interview with a UCD whistleblower -audio clip made available: here- that told a very detailed account of UC Davis admin moves, workplace culture - give it a listen and compare it with the Vanderhoef memoir for a fuller picture of the goings-on there during roughly the same period...
In US --HuffPo with this: on tuition and student loans
also there:
Inside The World Bank's Broken Promise To Protect The Poor

-- Read it w/in the context of knowing some of their former leadership now running Cal-- quite a trip...If UC senior admins are replacing or claiming new powers in 'UC shared governance'...
Some panelists at this week's UCLA faculty talk --audio available : here --discussed the shared governance model, and their own frustrations in interacting with UC administration -some repeatedly said key, multiple, UCOP leadership positions filled by those who lack higher education training, background. Those sentiments raised over and over at multiple UC events by multiple speakers.

Remaking The University on UK elections and Higher Ed: The University After Conservative Victory

"People hate how politicians (don't) talk to them--the familiar slogans but more importantly the generic impersonality."

Comparisons, considerations...

Who is the 'austerity lite' candidate in the US?

Is Bernie Sanders' path similar to say a-- Mhairi Black's?

How does it compare to what happened w/ this week's elections results in Alberta, Canada? (a topic not far removed from UC-- UCOP has a Chief Financial Investments ('CIO') Officer with Alberta ties)

Does it tell us what can happen in 2016?

Remember Napolitano touted to Ron Brownstein (at National Journal symposium, interview) that she would be holding that first ever 'Undocumented Students Summit'-posted the video of that: here- Brownstein also brought up to her that both he and Napolitano are Wash. DC "refugees" finding themselves in CA- she also mentioned to him that when she was AZ Gov. she "lusted" after UC. (Napolitano in the society column again at another posh dinner for good cause event in SF- where SF doesn't look like SF anymore note the lack of diversity in the gallery: here.) In that discussion with Brownstein- Nat'l Jrnl there were many quotes to note on many topics --including her comments about ASU's Crow 'pushing the envelope' -she describes him as a friend, she also wrote a review of his book on higher ed, and then around that same time a biz journal had an article on how she supposedly threw him out of her office when she was AZ Gov "tossed Crow from her ninth floor office"- pointed to all of it in earlier posts.

A refugee?? Should she have started her own version of some sort of Chertoff Group or Panetta Institute instead? Or, what?

A Governor does not return to live in the state where they served as Governor (For instance, imagine something like Ridge not returning to Pennsylvania after his DC stint.. Kind of unimaginable?) -does that fact build up some of the mistrust some folks feel?

The 'trust factor' or 'connection factor' is coming up time and time again.

A few days ago Brownstein also wrote: Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Need Americans to Trust Her
Commencement speeches and protests of them - is it going to be that season again?

- Along with a continuing dearth of UC leadership on how to model, arrange events that feel inclusive to participants?...

(And, a-loss-for-words-sad-set-of UCSB-IV 'anniversaries'/commemorations/memorials coming up-- that no one wants to talk about - a heartbreak to recall, particularly on this holiday weekend- and, yet it is important to remember them, the loss. How best to do that?)
The student leadership is still trying to reach out:
UC Is On The Brink Of Disaster For Students
Sacramento Bee- with an op ed from the incoming Student Regent, includes this:
As the incoming student regent of the university system, I am obligated to speak the truth, no matter how ugly. The Board of Regents struggles
Those “remedial measures” – such as reducing time to degree to three years and increasing online courses – are reckless, with long-term consequences that have not been properly assessed. They will lower the quality of a UC education and run contrary to the spirit and mission of this world-class research university. It is time for Brown to demonstrate to students – his constituents – that he stands with us.

This university is not a factory or a corporation. It is first and foremost an institution of higher learning.

When speaking truth to power, I cannot neglect my fellow regents. They wield tremendous political power. I call upon them to put personal politics aside and act befitting their position. We need them to lead.

Excellent education, groundbreaking research and overall affordability are being placed at risk for political gain, campaign contributions and favorable polling numbers. I cannot in good conscience sit idly by while our university starves. My student peers are being forced to bear the brunt of financial pressure that the state can lift from their shoulders.

The Pols UC Leadership Setting The Tone:

"We don't have to listen to this crap"...

Jerry Brown to water tunnels critics: 'Shut up'

The Committee of Two don't have children- non PC to point it out to be sure- but does it 'play-in to' the 'trust' stuff, too?

Higher ed lingering in loco parentis-- ish , authoritar---, patriar---- approaches...

On Mother's Day - Schmaltzy? Patronizing?
Higher Ed students aren't children.
Still a sort of universal message --Great Lyrics and Sound:
Children Will Listen

A commercialized holiday from inception - but take your moments when you get them.

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