Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Templating and Outlining...and some items 'cast in another light'

see: "Attorney General Kamala Harris and University of California president Janet Napolitano released a template outlining cooperation between campuses and law enforcement agencies mandated under a state law passed last year."
California tells colleges to quickly respond to sex assaults

Sac Bee on a new round of disagreement: University of California has increased nonresident enrollment since recession to raise new revenue

UC spent $32 million on financial aid for out-of-state students last year

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty: ‘It makes no sense’

EARLIER wrote: This is happening right now: LIVE on Cal Channel --will post the archive when it is available
UPDATE- Here Is The Archive

Assembly Budget Subcommittee #2 on Education Finance
they are in discussion on UC Personnel and Admin Costs also Pension Costs and Admissions Decisions
Remaking the University suggests "This piece was written for a daily newspaper. There would be a much better public discussion, or what we used to call in the fifth grade "a fair fight," if it and similar piece would actually appear in one of them." regarding this post: "Restoring The Promise Of Higher Education: A Problem CA Can Solve Now" By Stanton A. Glantz, Professor of Medicine, UCSF

Now, take a look at: this article in LA Times and reader comments on Garner there --It would be good to see a piece written by the same author (Glantz) in response to those issues raised -- hear how research did or did not contribute to creating a scenario such as Garner case mentioned in reader comments there in LA Times
-his take on it- it (standing up for or clarify or adjusting a position on the research when it hits the policy implementation stages) is also part of the battle in funding esp public higher ed, research universities etc.
OC Register and other places posted this op ed:
That said, we found Ms. Napolitano’s online plea rather off-putting. We understand that she believes the UC system underfunded, despite its current $2.9 billion allocation from the state and the additional $119.5 million proposed by Gov. Brown.

We also do not begrudge her seeking additional monies from Sacramento “to make up for the nearly $1 billion in cuts” the UC system suffered during the Great Recession.

Our issue with the UC president’s plaintive plea for a 7.5 percent increase in the system’s state funding is that it was accompanied by an implied threat – that, if Gov. Brown and the Legislature acceded to Ms. Napolitano’s funding request, it would “prevent the necessity of a tuition increase.”

But, if Sacramento doesn’t pony up, UC parents and students can look forward to a tuition hike for the 2015-16 school year. And there also would be thousands fewer undergraduate admissions, Ms. Napolitano makes all but clear.

Most California voters look askance upon the UC president’s stance, according to a USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll.

check out the -could it be??- anti 'Berkeley research' UC moves??!
Emails Show UCLA CPUC Deal Making from UT San Diego:

On Oct. 2, UCLA professor Stephanie Pincetl asked Peevey to amend terms of the proposed San Onofre settlement to make sure greenhouse gas grants would be invested within the service territories of Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric, co-owners of the failed plant. That would exclude another likely grant recipient, UC Berkeley.

Napolitano was in DC earlier in the week on:

Societal cost of obesity could exceed $1.1 trillion, new Brookings research finds

and Napolitano via UC Davis at Brookings
Letter of Solidarity with Highway Six Hand Delivered to UC President Janet Napolitano
by via UCSC Student Organizations

The UC President was handed the letter by a UCSC student who interns in Congressman Sam Farr’s office. Napolitano was visiting the Congressman to discuss the UC Food Initiative but was approached in the lobby by the student intern. She promised to read the letter and thanked the student for taking the time to highlight the issue.

Congressman Sam Farr was also not aware of the extent to which UCSC’s Student Judicial Services has worked to repress student activism and he requested a copy of the letter in order to follow up with President Napolitano about her views on the issue.

another take on 'CRISPR/CAS Faces Bio Ethics Spotlight', 'From Obscure to the Center of Attention', 'A Pioneer Who Helped Simplify Genome Editing'
see:Prospect Of DNA-Edited Designer Babies Has UC Scientists Rethinking Their Own Discovery

Daily Cal now has a post up on the earlier news covered over the weekend on patent issues with MIT -

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