Thursday, May 28, 2015

UC Regents Committee on Investments May Meeting -- and other approaches...

more disruptive and technical problems the UC Regents give to the public, see this from UC Regents:

A meeting of The Regents Committee on Investments and its Investment Advisory Group is scheduled for Wednesday, May 27, 2015, by teleconference as follows. Please note that all times indicated and the order of business are approximate and subject to change.

Live Video streaming of the open session of the meeting will be available:

Please note that Google Chrome has done an update that no longer supports Silverlight, which is our streaming protocol. We have been implementing new streaming protocols but they will not be ready for the upcoming meeting. To watch the live stream of this meeting, please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for PC and Safari or Mozilla Firefox for Mac. Unfortunately, Google Chrome is not an option.

Web :


UC Regents also hasn't posted it yet as an available archive either: here

Daily Bruin: UC Board of Regents committee reviews investment performance

CalBears with: Latest Academic Progress Reports Results Show Continued Improvement

Contra Costa Times: Albany Protesters Disrupt UC Regents Meeting

and then,
This Letter to Mercury News includes:
Ironically, the lie that UC is refusing to negotiate a community benefits agreement is being perpetrated by groups that actually have representatives on the working group! Somehow, they have convinced student activists in Berkeley to interrupt meetings and stage protests, all to ask for something that is already being done.

This does not reflect well on the protesters, who have obviously not done their homework. Nor does it reflect well on the groups sponsoring these protests and writing opinion pieces,

Along with UCD: Stanford researchers receive grant for study of K12 online learning - See more at:
CalBuzz: Santa Barbara Spill: Case Study of Post-MSM News

btw--LA Times Acquires San Diego Union Tribune, Lays Off 1/3 Of Staff
UT San Diego had some original reporting (like the Peevey CPUC and UC ongoing saga) that other 'major outlets' didn't cover first...

Cal Buzz brought up the SB Independent,so here: is the SB Independent in March with another aspect/update on Isla Vista aftermath- how will UC, UC Regents figure in?

Again with the clothes and female pols only... Politico covers what WSJ already covered?!- they bring up Napolitano in it,
previously there: was a similar WSJ piece on the $900 jackets starting price - now Politico on it - and also previously noted at the bottom of this post: here Will they talk male pol's suits and prices similarly next?-- Or, is that treatment just for John Edwards $400 haircuts - and 'chicks'?

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