Monday, June 29, 2015

UC Berkeley Gets More Title IX Fireworks, and so does UC in various ways...UPDATED

This last update -looks like CSU systemwide comes into the mix- haven't heard Chancellor White address it though - see #111 in this detailed list: here

more info if you don't recall that news from a week or so ago:

LA CBS Local Grad Students File Lawsuit Over Alleged Sexual Harassment By UCLA Professor

Daily Bruin coverage here: Lawsuit Alleges UC Regents Indifference Towards Title IX Violations


LA Times: UCLA Graduate Students' Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Harassment

The suit, which names the regents of the University of California as defendant, alleges that UCLA also ignored several other complaints and reports of alleged sexual harassment


now, there's this from UCR

UCR Student Accused Of Secretly Recording Female Students In Dorm Shower

California student accused of filming female students in shower
CBS News‎

More Update

NBC Bay Area with their coverage: Three Sue UC Regents Over Sex Assault Reporting

KGO ABC Local with their coverage: here

Yahoo News: University of California sued over sex assault claims

LA Times: UC Berkeley sued for allegedly failing to properly respond to sexual assault complaints

you can read the detail also here:

CoCo Times: Former UC Berkeley students outline claims in Title IX sexual assault lawsuit

The university, in a statement Monday, said:

"The California State Auditor conducted a thorough review of UC Berkeley's handling of sexual assault and harassment cases in 2013-14. The auditor's report, which included a review of confidential case records, found that case outcomes were reasonable and that sanctions were appropriate given the severity of the incidents.

Daily Cal: Sexual assault survivors file lawsuit against UC regents, UC Berkeley


UPDATE I Buzzfeed and SF Gate provide more details on the three latest cases
Buzzfeed: Three Students Sue UC Berkeley For Mishandling Sexual Assaults
After two years of criticism surrounding its policies, the historically progressive school is being taken to civil court by students who say they won’t wait for a federal government investigation to force change.

SFGate: 3 women sue UC Berkeley, alleging sex assault complaints ignored

CBS Local: 3 Women File Lawsuit Against UC Regents Claiming Berkeley ...
Original Post

CoCo Times: Former UC Berkeley students announce Title IX sexual assault lawsuit
Attorneys for three former UC Berkeley students will announce Monday that they have filed a lawsuit against the University of California Board of Regents, claiming their clients were sexually assaulted and that the university did not do enough to protect them.

The Title IX sexual assault lawsuit will be announced at an 11 a.m. news conference in Emeryville,

IHE : Diversity and the Ivory Ceiling

While many associate professors experience frustration at midcareer, these experiences vary for faculty of differing races and ethnicities. Diversity is a key issue in higher education and many efforts focus on recruiting faculty of color. Fewer initiatives consider how to ensure that diverse faculty members thrive and are retained, although retention and promotion is clearly another piece of the puzzle.

SCOTUS Take Up Higher Ed Admissions, Affirmative Action again see IHE article here

and there's this post also:
Supreme Court on Admissions
DailyCal: UC Student Association discusses creation of student adviser position, prioritization of mental health
The proposal stops short of adding an additional student regent to the Board of Regents, which would require collaboration with state legislators to create language for a constitutional amendment. If the amendment did get to a ballot, money would have to be raised in a multimillion-dollar campaign to get it passed by California voters, Oved said.

also this other article there:
UC Office of the President announces measures for LGBT inclusion
- includes discussion of access to gender neutral bathrooms etc.

HuffPo pol analyst on
Why Jerry Brown Prevailed So Quickly in the California Budget Tussle by Wm Bradley

UCR Today: Undergraduate Discovers New Firefly Species

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