Friday, June 26, 2015

Higher Ed Trickery - Moves 'Cement In' The Cynicism

Sac Bee
State, UC disappoint with budget tricks

Budget hijinks have real consequences for California kids

Illusory $25 million means 5,000 fewer go to UC

UC raises eyebrows with $250,000 hire, just as Brown signs budget

UC President Janet Napolitano talks with Gov. Jerry Brown at a Board of Regents meeting. Budget hijinks by both UC and lawmakers have tarnished an otherwise laudable budget deal.

At Remaking the University:

This note makes a few comments on the final UC budget for 2015-2016 and then focuses on points related to the UC Pension Plan (UCRP).
By Joe Kiskis (UC Davis)


Sacramento Bee
Budget deal brings major changes to University of California pension system

She also expects that future governors will continue depositing state funds into UC’s retirement system. “That’s not part of the deal, but there’s a precedent that’s being set now,” she said.

Palmer, however, characterized the payment as a “commitment of limited scope,” a difference that could set the stage for future budget battles

- bold emphasis added

Other angles on the troubling questions covered here: Would you like PEPRA with that?

This ongoing deep dive reporting from HuffPo on: Education Department Vastly Undercounted Troops Overcharged By Student Loan Giant, New Data Show

The Justice Department data on the number of service members overcharged on Education Department-owned loans, previously unreported and provided to HuffPost, underscore a deep divide between the Education Department and Justice Department over how to ...

- Bold emphasis added. Consider it in relation to other issues though - possible implications for e.g. Title IX coordination b/ween those two on accuracy, on reporting #'s, procedures and instruction, transparency, other concerns?
In prime time there was:NBC News video: "Crisis On Campus" Dateline story

College Is Wildly Exploitative: Why Aren't Students Raising Hell?
Why aren't American students out on the streets?
By David Masciotra / AlterNet
Four hundred faculty members at New York University, one of the nation’s most expensive schools, recently released a report on how their own place of employment, legally a nonprofit institution, has become a predatory business, hardly any different in ethical practice or economic procedure than a sleazy storefront payday loan operator. Its title succinctly summarizes the new intellectual discipline deans and regents have learned to master: "The Art of The Gouge."

The reports sectioned into three parts:




a week for the history books

applesauce, fortune cookies...
Amazing Grace

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