Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Interrupted Life Milestones - Appalling Losses

Breaking news: Flanagan: Families being assisted after ‘appalling tragedy’
Six Irish dead as balcony collapses during student party in Berkeley, California

More : Seven others injured, two critically, after 4th floor balcony collapses during student party

Check Daily Cal with more coverage and future updates for more

Does UC take proactive steps on such issues? Use its leverage to protect against such outcomes?

LA Times with: From Wisconsin to California, the decline of public higher ed continues

Scott Walker's Wisconsin isn't the only state where public universities are under attack
Budget cuts, political animosity--no wonder state universities are hurting

CNBC is running a weeklong series and they've also compiled their coverage on the topic here
"Looking for the next crisis? Try student debt

The high economic and social costs of student loan debt"


Since UC Berkeley is chasing $$$$$...as in

Solly Fulp will lead new program to bring revenue to UC Berkeley

and moves on becoming an outside of CA state control 'Global University Conglomerate of Multi- National Corporations' or somethin'??...

What is the outlook on how AIIB and Higher Ed might interact?

Guardian: US anger at Britain joining Chinese-led investment bank AIIB

and there's
Why the US shouldn't worry about the AIIB - CNBC.com

but how might higher ed tie-in, if at all?

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