Thursday, June 4, 2015

Napolitano Comments On Her First Year As UC Pres., more

and so it begins
UC President Janet Napolitano Reflects on Achievements, Budget ...
interviewed by : KQED

[an update ps reflection on this- Krasny asked Napolitano about the 'crap' comment she made -- Napolitano characterized that protest as getting way out of hand because the students were undressing. Those who watched or read about the events could see the students were not disrobing down to nothing- they were taking 'the shirts off their backs' - one of the organizers of that protest used those exact words -'the shirts off our backs' -in televised interviews the day it happened. The SF Chronicle went back to the 1950's and used the term "brassieres" - as in the students stripped down to their brassieres --in their coverage...
Might there be a generation gap challenge in quality, complete higher ed coverage?

Original post continues here:
compare and contrast with: Brewer adjusting to post-gubernatorial life

(It isn't like Harvard's recent $400 million but) UCSF nabs $50 million anonymous gift for new Mission Bay health center
The gift includes a parcel of land on Third Street and funds to construct the new 140,000-square-foot center and a parking facility for it.

The center, scheduled to open in the spring of 2019, will also include a Child, Teen and Family Center, a "convening space" so UCSF can host national and international conferences on related topics, and a new home for the biomedical university's Department of Psychiatry, which includes 190 full-time faculty and other researchers and staffers.
- and UCSF work on a new General Hospital

at Daily Cal there's : Labor contract extended 5 months as negotiations begin between lecturer union, UC
Listen to the Regents' Committee on Investments: May 27, 2015 -with analysis

Council of UC Faculty Association Statement on UC Budget Deal

this at
Sac Bee Opinion: Why We Fund Public Colleges
How can we do right by the job training juggernaut that is the Cal State system? What will it take to un-stop the community college bottlenecks that thwart so many students? Who are lawmakers really punishing when they keep UC in-state enrollment de- ...

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