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New Re-Hash, again

Daily Cal: Napolitano Appoints Committee To Find Candidates For Berkeley Lab Director

The selection process will be entirely confidential, with only the name of the officially selected director released to the public, according to former UC Berkeley chancellor Robert Birgeneau, also a member of the search committee. He said in an email that although the search process has not yet begun, he expects there to be a large pool of outstanding candidates for the position.

Birgeneau will also chair a screening task force, which will be responsible for the initial screening of applicants and nominees and for presenting the search committee with a list of candidates.

His recent work on:

The Lincoln Project held its first regional forum in Charlottesville, Virginia, on October 26, 2014. Fourteen members of the Lincoln Project advisory group were joined by a panel that included Teresa Sullivan, President, University of Virginia; Michael Rao, President, Virginia Commonwealth University; Timothy Sands, President, Virginia Tech; Carol Folt, Chancellor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Peter Blake, Director, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia; Gerald Baliles, Director, The White Burkett Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia, and former Governor of Virginia; and Ray Scheppach, Miller Center Senior Fellow for Economic Policy and Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, University of Virginia. Additional meetings are being planned in Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; New York, New York; Seattle, Washington; and Tucson, Arizona.

Follow-up regional meetings will focus on building consensus around recommended initiatives and policies.

there's an AAAS PDF on "Public Research Universities - Why They Matter"
-- posted in April 2015

The text runs about 10 pages, it reads as overview. The last four pages are just end notes and long lists of people attached to the project.

Their first regional meeting occurred in ...Oct 2014!
(If you view the photo from the meeting in the middle of the web page- it looks like a country club type meeting -not the most inclusive imaging or branding of who is literally 'around the table' to go w/ it, if you get the drift...)
The project was announced a long while back Jan 2013 official start date (shortly after when Birgeneau resigned and long before the search for Dirks completed- so a real looonnng while back) and all they've got in April 2015 is ten pages of re-hash and some round tables scheduled?!

Recall Roving UC President Emeritus Yudof on the student athlete grad rates - his comments around 'don't blame the UC President blame the UC chancellor at that campus' comment

51:20 timestamp here

--that seemed a direct statement about Birgeneau's legacy on that issue-- (Birgeneau's Director of Athletics got knocked pretty hard for the grad rates and stadium financing issues etc at the time- what about the Chancellor level? It seems fair for Yudof to raise it.)

Recall the ongoing saga resulting from the Vice Chancellor for Research - the list of characters surrounding it is stacked with Birgeneau era appointees
appointed during the Birgeneau years: Graham Fleming, a Professor of Chemistry, served as Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of California, Berkeley from April 2009 to April 2015.
-- Interesting that he is still listed there in the role- though the resignation was to take effect by end of last April, right?

UC Berkeley's Chief of Research Exits As Sex Charges Fly (2015)

UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor For Research Resigns After Sexual Harassment Allegations Arise

Cal Administrator Repeatedly Hiked Pay for Employee during Sexual Relationship

Vice Chancellor Who Announced Resignation Thursday Denies Allegations of Sexual Harassment

It has balkanized - all over the place:

Dirks highlighted the VCR work as 'fundraiser' when he commented on the resignation in a letter that was not released to the public but mentioned in: coverage

For a bit more history on the saga see from 2012:

Administrator Allegedly Helped Sexual Partner Get Raises

The lofty title of Vice Chancellor for Research at UC Berkeley historically not normally mentally paired up immediately with the title of 'fundraiser' first and foremost-- Most long time observers associated it w/ a level of clout, even greater than titles like 'Chancellor' or even 'UC President', historically venerated, held by esteemed cerebral types, and held in high regard-- sadly, the above ongoing news stories are coming at a great cost to many UC legacies...

Also... Recall the Title IX history also occurring during Birgeneau's term as UC Berkeley Chancellor --UC Berkeley falling under Title IX review/watch etc. by DOE during that term

So, with all the above, why does UCOP now have him heading up the LBNL Director screening taskforce?

Is the LLC (partner in The Labs) making those calls?

Other interests at work?

Can it ever be something Birgeneau speaks to - to give his perspective as it all still unwinds?

Can new appointments/recruitments at UC or The Labs ever be something conducted as fresh and new?

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