Friday, June 12, 2015

Students' FERPA vs Students' HIPAA Rights While In Higher Ed

Huffington Post:

Education Department 'Concerned' About Loophole In Federal Privacy Law For Students

They don't discuss how it might or might not extend to University or College employees, staff, faculty etc who also use the same on-campus health centers via employee assistance programs etc.

An 'educational interest' - how much does that design 'grease the skids' for other 'institutional interests' besides health of a patient or safety?

It isn't looking like just an oops 'loophole'.

Two articles from earlier in the year -once again- for more background, in depth coverage:

see: Congresswoman 'Troubled' By Privacy Loophole On Student Health Records Confronts Education Department

and for a subject matter expert opinion on it - here: is the Chronicle of Higher Education article "Raped on Campus? Don’t Trust Your College to Do the Right Thing"
By Katie Rose Guest Pryal a columnist for The Chronicle’s Vitae, is a former professor of law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who specializes in higher education, mental health, and social-justice issues.

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