Tuesday, June 9, 2015

UC Wants $100 Million More From CA - and that Higher Ed TX Hold 'Em move

UC aims to increase enrollment of California residents
Daily Bruin

UC budget proposal asks for an additional $100 million from the state legislature over the next four years to enroll an additional 6,830 undergraduates and 2,700 graduate students across the system

Forbes: University President Pay Continues To Rise Rapidly
Public university leaders' pay soars as inflation rate slips
San Francisco Chronicle

Huff Po: 68 Public College Presidents Made More Than President Obama In 2014

it could also be called the 'UnDrake' move:
Fenves salary negotiations send a political, personal message amid competitive market
UT The Daily Texan


The CA JLAC Audit of Non Resident UC enrollment was approved in March and held back-in deference to the Committee of Two- still has yet to commence in July with the findings several more months away ...

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