Monday, July 6, 2015

President of the UC Regents: "So it's true, CSU did a little better than UC," the governor said. "But the UC is getting some special money if they can enroll 5,000 [California] students, as they should."

see that quote in full context in this story from LA Times: For Higher Education Funding, Softer Touch Gave Cal State A Leg Up

This Forbes piece highlighted that story, above (along with the USC and UCSD story mentioned earlier today) and a couple other CA higher ed headlines--
the compilation results in this title: "Academic Prostitution, California Style"

specifically it points to this new coverage on UC Riverside
Scholar who has made name as Cherokee is accused of not having Native American roots | from Inside HigherEd

[In comments there at IHE some linked it to what they see in Salaita - btw, here's the latest on that from mid June-
Salon: A win for academic freedom: Steven Salaita awarded back-to-back victories against university that fired him
His case highlights wealthy donors' improper interference in internal affairs of public educational institutions

at the Berkeley Blog there was : Rachel Dolezal’s ‘deception,’ and what we don’t know about racial identity

For some others, :
they recall detail of this: story on a UCLA donor and questions around the vetting of leadership --even in cases where it involves volunteer leadership work


Daily Caller went for this headline: The University Of California Wants To Know If You're Gay

there also was this at SF Gate: UC system seeks to gauge LGBT population to improve services

Will the UC Regents, themselves, be updating their biographical info to include their details --so that UC can 'better gauge'?

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