Friday, July 10, 2015

UC and Harvard Share The Same Interests, Concerns --For Fed Funding of Research?

compare endowments lately?
Time Mag.: The Best Partner for the Next President: Research Universities
by Drew Gilpin Faust and Janet Napolitano

Unfortunately, the trend of federal investment has been in the wrong direction, and we risk losing ground to those nations eager to stimulate their economies and replicate the historic impact of such funding. The pace of American investment in research and development as a percentage of GDP has slowed, placing us 10th behind OECD nations such as Germany and Japan. China, meanwhile, is projected to outspend the U.S. within the next decade. East Asia as a whole already does.

individual investors funding individual students?: Marco Rubio Says He Wants To Disband The College 'Cartel' System
Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio called for an overhaul of the U.S. higher education system on Tuesday, saying colleges were operating as a "cartel" and not meeting the needs of students or the economy.

"We do not need timid tweaks to the old system. We need a holistic overhaul," Rubio said in a policy speech in Chicago. "We need to change how we provide degrees, how those degrees are accessed, how much that access costs, how those costs are paid, and even how those payments are determined."

Inside Higher Ed on it

Politico on it
For Jerry Brown, climate change issue melds the spiritual and political
LA Times

Remaking the University: Wisconsin Legislature Effectively Ends Tenure And Shared Governance In UW System

And lest anyone have any doubts about what this might mean they "Omnibus Motion" also makes clear that as concerns shared governance in general " specify that, with regard to the responsibilities of the faculty, academic staff, and students of each institution, "subject to" means "subordinate to."" (7)

Governor Walker is expected to sign the budget in the next couple of days because he wants to officially start his campaign for the Republican nomination for President. Wisconsin's Republican legislators (as far as I can tell there was no Democratic support for the budget) have managed to turn their backs on the long history of the University of Wisconsin as a crucial site of faculty authority and socially controversial research and teaching.

one more to add in here:

Changing Universities writes: A University Divided: Separate and Unequal

Thus, while 16% of undergrads at Berkeley were underrepresented minority students this year, Riverside had 41%, and while Berkeley took in over $40 million in extra non-resident student tuition revenue, Riverside only brought in $7.5 million. Furthermore, 31% of undergrads at UCLA are Pell grant eligible, but 51% at UCSC fall into this low-income category, and yet UCLA brought in an additional $41 million in non-resident student tuition, while UCSC brought in $19 million. These statistics clearly show that UC has a separate and unequal funding model based on race and class, and this situation only promises to get worse next year.

a reminder here: at the 0:55:45 mark of this video of CA Leg JLAC meeting:

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