Wednesday, July 8, 2015

UC Summertime-- Navigating These Waters...

First, this blogpost at HuffPo earlier:
The Odd Couple: Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban - in it this quote caption in it: "Top University of California officials, including President Janet Napolitano and several campus chancellors, publicly deplore the way activists pushing UC to ...

and then the post goes on to include:
"Complicating matters is the cozy relationship being played out with the underfunded Black Lives Matters movement."

and then consider accompanying comments in this Daily Cal coverage:

State Senate resolution urging UC to condemn anti-Semitism draws objections over language

and here

UC Berkeley’s Black Student Union holds vigil, protest for Charleston victims

then, Daily Beast piece centering on UC Berkeley journalism:

Why Did ‘Frontline’ Kill Lowell Bergman’s Gambling Documentary?
Recriminations and accusations are flying after the PBS series shelved veteran reporter Lowell Bergman’s documentary about the gambling industry in Macau.
Can this media marriage be saved?

in it this section, also of note:

Wynn sued for remarks Chanos made at Bergman’s annual investigative reporting symposium in April 2014 on the Berkeley campus, where excerpts of the rough cut were screened for an invited audience.

Chanos, who famously made a killing in 2001 by shorting Enron stock before that fraudulent energy company collapsed in scandal, told the crowd, according to cou

(Here is the link to that Berkeley Symposium in full it runs 45 minutes:

For some, the first thought after reading that section above mentioning Enron-- the mind goes to
UC Says It Lost Millions on Enron Investment - latimes
UC Reaches $168-Million Settlement with Enron Directors
Looting the Pension Funds - Rolling Stone)
earlier The Guardian:
How China's Macau crackdown threatens big US casino moguls
Exclusive: Investigation reveals how gambling giants made billions against backdrop of triads, vice and corruption in ‘Vegas of the east’

and also other coverage of it at Meet The Press

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