Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back Away... Or Never Work

Back Away From Students' Medical Records, Feds Warn Colleges
Schools were accused of looking at sexual assault victims' therapy history.

However, other universities have also asked students reporting sexual assaults to waive their federal privacy rights so that the schools can look through their therapy records. Those schools include the University of California, San Francisco, and the University of Kansas.
Styles warned that the benefits of on-campus medical services "cannot be fully realized in an environment where trust between students and the institution is undermined.


Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who had prodded the department earlier this year to clarify how student medical records should be treated under FERPA, called the new guidance "encouraging."
"Now, it's critical that privacy experts and the higher education community weigh in on the draft guidance to make sure colleges and universities are held to the highest possible standard when it comes to protecting student privacy,"
The department is seeking input until Oct. 2 on its draft guidance.

UCLA Fac Blog points out some of Napolitano’s comments on a Cottage Industry -- Clery, Title IX

Is this another part of a prior legacy on it, or not? Dunno what to make of it…

At Daily Cal there's:
A Contract in Question

A Fence Around the Chancellor

Search for New Campus VCR

New UCANR vice president wants to boost partnerships, advisers

Among Humiston’s duties will be to help lead the university’s U.S.-Mexico initiative, with which the U.S.’s southern neighbor hopes to set up an extension program that’s similar to the UC’s, and to serve on Napolitano’s innovation council with a focus on improving ag technology, she said.
She has already created a new position that will help county offices identify and apply for grants, she said.
“I think there’s probably more research dollars out there that we’re not aware of,” she said.

The Pres. of UC Regents Gov. mentioned in:
Report: California Plans To Take Up To 300 Farms By Eminent Domain For Delta Tunnel Project -- CBS Local


The GOP Does Education; Bill Clinton's Birthday
U.S. News & World Report (blog)

A b-day flashback might include that 1988 Dem Ed Platform Committee work he did, remember? No video(?!) of it, (mostly everyone just remembers the too long speech and then the stops on late night to explain etc.) -but he talked it up good-- then.

Hillary Clinton and Phyllis Wise: Signs of Better Things ~ Remaking the University

…”Complex organizations thrive or decline by trust and goodwill, which underwrite their powers of collaboration.

The Wise Affair may seem like an anomaly or a day at the office in the rough and tumble of state politics. So Dr. Wise was trading Steven Salaita for Board chair Christopher Kennedy's support for her College of Medicine proposal, in John K. Wilson's valuable reading of the email record: what did you expect?

My point is that we have to expect much better. We have to build better academic governance at the state level or the federal bailout will either never happen, or never work.”…

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