Saturday, August 22, 2015

'Cal's Gated Community' Theme To Start Fall Semester -- Hitting the Wrong Notes Over and Over Again

recall 2014 ...
Cal Admin started off last year’s Fall semester with

Berkeley Chancellor Angers Faculty Members with his Remarks on civility and free Speech

For this year, it’s:
UC Berkeley Students Criticize New Security Fence...

'The UC Berkeley Chancellor Puts A Pricey Fence Around the Mansion' story picked up everywhere: see CBS local

NBC BayArea : Fence Built Around UC Berkeley Chancellor's Mansion Follows 'Uptick in Incidents'
Fence symbolizes divide between students and administrators, activists say

Sac Bee UC Berkeley builds fence around chancellor's residence
It will cost approximately $400,000.

It unnecessarily blocks a popular walking path.

UC Merced expansion delayed by budget cuts, online classes
The San Luis Obispo Tribune

Merced's experience should be a warning, said Henry Eyring, co-author of "The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out" and academic vice president at Brigham Young University's Idaho campus. As much as politicians like to cut ribbons in front of new campuses, he said, traditional colleges have become much more expensive than online courses and other new means of delivering education.
"You have to ask, 'Is this truly essential?'" he said. "You have to look very closely at every dollar invested into brick and mortar."

a ribbon cutting photo accompanies: UC Berkeley’s Jacobs Hall, home for engineering design innovation, officially opens

Dirks always mentions his coming from 'the ivys'

University Diaries with "Many Are Called. None Are Chosen" post

It points to several quotes, but this one jumped out: "Yale’s endowment spent $480 million paying its hedge fund managers last year and $170 million on its students."

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