Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CPEC Criticized, Committee of Two Presented As Great Result For CA Higher Ed

see Chron. Higher Ed:
When California Eliminated Its Higher Ed Commission Little Was Lost, Speaker Says

But the systems have also had to make an extra effort to join the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement — a set of national standards for states to approve online and distance-learning programs offered by institutions in other states. Without a coordinating council, a state must create a new nonprofit entity to sign the agreement.


The most valuable thing the commission provided, Mr. O’Donnell said, was a unified message and communication from the systems to lawmakers about the value of investing in higher education.

In the absence of the agency, the University of California’s president, Janet Napolitano, negotiated one on one with Governor Brown to increase state appropriations for public colleges. While that approach worked out well for the systems in the current budget, the lack of a unified voice for public colleges could pit the systems against each other in the future, Mr. O’Donnell said.

Not discussed in the above: Currently there is a widely held belief that
: the Committee of Two turned out better for CSU than UC.

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