Wednesday, August 26, 2015


P & I Online with: University of California at San Francisco Foundation recruits first CIO

From U. Penn.

The $1.2 billion endowment funds had been managed by the foundation's investment committee and external managers, “but have grown large enough to warrant professional in-house management,” a news release said.

'Lawmaker's Favor for Labor Hamstrings UC'
- by Sacramento Bee

Sen. Lara’s bill for AFSCME would raise costs for UC
UC should keep tuition down and admit in-state students
Legislature could focus on contract workers later and more comprehensively

News-Gazette on U. Illinois included:

Updated: Wilson seeks to rebuild trust on campus; Adesida steps down as provost

He received his bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley.

Daily Cal with the latest on :
Federal Office Opens Complaint Into Alleged Discrimination Faced by Cal Field Hockey Team

again, On UC ANR : UC Research Leader Seeks New Ways To Expand Grower Opportunities

She told of attending a recent two-day economic summit in San Jose, at which the words “agriculture,” “natural resources” and “water” were rarely mentioned.
“It was as if our policymakers … somehow think the California economy is living on some barren rock in outer space,” Humiston said, adding there’s a lack of knowledge among urban leaders of how ag and natural resources underpin the economy.
In addition to her work on the innovation panel, Humiston will have a key role in Napolitano’s Global Food Initiative, which seeks to align the university’s research, outreach and operations to figure out how to nutritionally and sustainably feed a world population expected to reach 8 billion by 2025.
Her work will often take Humiston out of the country. She was in Brazil last week attending a forum on water and said she will likely visit Mexico in her first year on the job.
“I’m a firm believer that there’s room in our system for all types of agriculture,” Humiston said. “What’s important to us here at ANR is that we’re developing the research that will enable that ag to be as sustainable as possible.”


In the realm of 'weird and strange news coverage headlines by non UC MSM (while UC admin/media relations also silent on the “laptop, tablet, cellphone” i.e. potential data aspect.. --no statement from Cal admin to possibly pre-empt or assuage concerns on that part- which would seem like a normal thing to do now, right?…)-- there’s: this better detail at Daily Cal and at KRON

Might recall a similar- but ‘w/ a twist’ story- (Kensington is 'down the road' from Cal campus, a town that also happens to be the official home of the UC President estate 'Blake House')-anyway, yep, they had: this at SF Gate headline in February 2015.

Should it be an issue? non-issue?

Guess they are still figuring it out, Daily Cal quotes UCB PR:
“We don’t have any analogous event, so we don’t have a history to draw on,” he said. “We’re seeking the highest possible level of expert input.”
…“ the administration would determine further actions and whether or not current existing rules are “what we want and need.”

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