Thursday, August 27, 2015

Joint Legislative Oversight Hearing on the University of California Overview of Undergraduate Admissions and Enrollment - video, Updated

Cal channel from Aug 26, 2015 runs 02h 37m

the meeting begins at the 5:00 minute mark

Some coverage:

UC fails to reach $25 million incentive to add Californians

Includes this section:
UC has argued that the effect of adding students from outside California is actually positive for the state because they contribute so much to UC’s financial aid pool: about $74 million last year. At the same time, lawmakers were surprised to learn last spring that $32 million of that money went to help the nonresidents themselves pay for school.

Agenda and background also posted at this link

video link here

See also: for additional materials, background referenced at the 02:16:00 mark
Changing Universities
A University Divided: Separate and Unequal

-Why did they pick a researcher for the first panel from U. (formerly Napolitano's) Arizona?

--UCSA asks some important question toward the very end of the meeting in public comment.
Just wanna add in this add'l related --from KQED:
'State of Higher Education' section Begins at the 5:50 mark, here:

Scientists have uncovered new information on the impact of California's drought. Thuy Vu and Scott Shafer talk with University of California President Janet Napolitano and California Community Colleges Chancellor Brice Harris about tuition costs, class availability and student loan debt. Author Julie Lythcott-Haims talks with Thuy Vu about her new book, "How to Raise an Adult."

– The last section of it covers someone from Stanford and discussion of parents of higher ed track students etc.
--Funny how White couldn't make this interview- could the 'CSU made out better than UC on Committee of Two complaints' have anything to do w/ it?

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