Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just All Kinda Horrible

Remaking the University has a baaad UC Regents meeting flashback in the middle of this:
Can Faculty Deal With Policy Drift? A List of Options.

Sacramento Bee op ed by Velma Montoya, a University of California regent from 1994 to 2005.
: UC Regents Were Too Generous To Yudof
Mark Yudof had been an administrator for decades
Sabbaticals should be reserved for professors, not administrators

When selected, Napolitano announced she was a new kind of administrator who would coordinate university activities from the UC Office of the President while remaining above the 10-campus academic fray.
Yet Napolitano recently secured tenure at UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy, providing the opportunity to “return to teaching” for someone with no teaching background.

SF Chron includes comments from GSPP's Brady (of recent Peevey 'fame') and also UCOP in: How Foreign, Out-of-State Students Pad UC's Shrinking Budget

“There’s a lot of positives about having nonresident students,” said Steve Boilard, executive director of Center for California Studies at Cal State Sacramento. “The third-rail issue is: Are these students displacing resident students? That’s where a lot of people get riled up.”
Boilard said the displacement claim doesn’t hold ground systemwide, since UC sets enrollment targets for California students based on funding from the state. But the uptick could be making it harder for in-state residents to get into schools like Berkeley and UCLA — where competition has gotten much steeper.
Some worry that the higher-ranked campuses could follow other lauded public universities — such as the universities of Michigan, Colorado and Wisconsin — where non-residents accounted for 38 to 40 percent of enrollment in fall 2013, the most recent year data is available.
“Increasing out-of-state residents hurts the system and it hurts access,” said Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento. “Lower-class families are feeling the squeeze.”

Reason Mag.:
University of California System Spending Big Money on Salary Boosts
Nothing new here: Officials spend extra taxes on themselves.

The net cost: $14 million a year. "The University of California's mission statement proclaims that one of its fundamental missions is teaching and creating 'an educated workforce that keeps the California economy competitive,'" noted Assembly Republican Leader Kristin Olsen of Modesto, in a July 22 letter to Napolitano. "How does your decision today help California students achieve this mission?"
That's the key question whenever government-supported entities use new funds to boost salaries rather than invest in services for their"customers."


The Atlantic: The Pension Crisis at Public Universities
Benefits for retirees could ratchet up tuition costs.

So, in 2012, at 63, Hansen quit his university job to lock in his benefits before they could be watered down. So did 408 fellow employees of the university’s two campuses, and another 1,008 at The University of Illinois—twice the number who had left the year before”

and they add in:

“The University of California pension fund alone has a shortfall of between $8 billion and $16 billion.”


If you still did not catch any of the UC Regents July meeting here: are video links again:
(You have to toggle to the action.)

Afternoon Session 07/21/15

Morning Session 07/22/15

Afternoon Session 07/22/15

Morning Session 07/23/15

(U. Washington came up over and over during the health committee meeting of UC Regents --along with mumbled comments from Blum about poetry profs compensation and Keiffer talking about UC Regents meetings and how the public nature affects proceedings –what other model would he suggest? Many other things. )

Now, here's some UCD that went to U. Wash. then to Ill... first:

Was UC Davis ever this tranquil, serene- really ? From 2011:
Meisinger, 66, has served as a dean and the University of Washington's top planner in charge of new initiatives.
He met Wise when both were at the University of California-Davis, she as dean of the College of Biological Sciences from 2002 to 2005, and he as associate vice chancellor from 1986 to 2005.
He said that he's proud of his work at Davis at a time in the 1990s when the state of California was in an emergency fiscal situation from which it has never fully recovered.
"We were able to work with ongoing budget deficits with the least amount of acrimony among the state universities," he said.

Now, she’s fired?! (but it coulddah all just been a ‘UC form of sabbatical’?)
see this (now corrected link) Chicago Tribune on rejected bonus, and dismissal proceedings: here


SB Independent in depth article on legislation and history in: Das Williams Pushes for Isla Vista Governance
Santa Barbara Independent-


Horror Film 'Del Playa' Too Close To UC Santa Barbara

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