Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rapid expansion or admission for the masses - can it work? more

Pbs news hour

Under its current president, Arizona State University has increased its student population to 84,000, making it the largest university in America. In particular, the focus has been on boosting the number of low-income students. Hari Sreenivasan reports on how ASU transformed itself, and why some are questioning the outcomes of its rapid expansion

There are meetings happening involving a number of UC Regents investment committee members - for the LBNL position
this for Aug. 25

and this from June

All those headlines on UC Davis research on the drought -but there is also this coming up:

Political differences could peak at Lake Tahoe summit

Dean Heller, Gov. Jerry Brown, others to gather for Lake Tahoe summit

California Dreaming, Still - Counterpunch

Higher education has fared no better. Indeed, it is in worse shape. The University system’s nine campuses saw their budget cut by $1 billion at the height of the crisis. Much of that now looks to be permanent. The cardinal factor in the equation is that Jerry Brown is no fan of the University. He views it with aversion. There is a long and complicated history to this. In his college days, Berkeley was the magnet for many of his generation. Brown instead chose to enroll first in the University of Santa Clara and then transferred to a Catholic seminary, Sacred Heart Novitiate, which he left after three years. That was followed by a short stint at Berkeley.

and it goes on from there...

University Diaries with some on:

on: the Harvard endowment model


on: the Yale endowment model

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