Monday, August 31, 2015

Should also be noted...

This video moderated by a host, Zerlina Maxwell, who was part of last year’s UCB Title IX conference, yep, the one: where students were limited to only 50 spots; it was held off campus unnecessarily; and students had to pay $$$$$ in order to attend-to be very clear- that was not the fault of any of the guests who participated-- it was the fault of Cal admin who set it up that way.
(BTW, as lead in to some of her questions- Maxwell also mentions she previously worked in govt but does not mention where that was… It might help to make that clear, imo.). Maxwell has been speaking and writing on the issue and there are multiple pieces she has written on the subject for various outlets, check them out along with response pieces to them from other writers. Just want to acknowledge the add’l UC related background here while also posting the HuffPo content:

Janet Napolitano Discusses How Schools Should Handle Campus Rape

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