Monday, August 3, 2015

"The shift over the past decade should alarm Californians who consider that UC's first mission is to serve state residents. In 2005, 95 percent of the enrolled freshmen systemwide were state residents. By 2014, that dropped to 83 percent. At Berkeley, the decline was even sharper, from 92 percent in 2005 to 73 percent in 2014."

see: "Declining rate of state resident enrollment at UC alarming"
Op Ed from Contra Costa Times/Oakland Tribune

Remaking the University on: Academic Freedom Among The Very Serious People

A former UC Regent and current Pres of UC Regents' - their carbon footprint noted:
Jerry Brown hops private plane to Rome
Jerry Brown arrived in Rome for climate talks this week with the ... flew to Italy with real estate developer George Marcus and his wife, Judy, ...

there's also: Janet Napolitano Makes History As University of California Pension Reformer
check out more on that: here

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