Monday, August 3, 2015

"UC has released its employee pay data for 2014. A summary analysis of UC's 2014 payroll, along with breakdowns ..."

(According to UCOP) At: This Link

you can also see: at this link at Sac Bee

You can watch the video of the UC Regents July meetings: via this link

Daily Bruin: UC Releases 2014 Payroll Data

Highest-paid employees at the UC were athletic coaches and health sciences faculty. Under the UC’s compensation model, an employee can get additional compensation apart from base pay due to performance, which is more common in the field of sports and health care.
Daily Cal: UC Payroll Data Show Lack Of Top-Paid Women, Lag Behind Market Rates


OC Register with: The University of California’s payroll grew by 7.5 percent to $12.6 billion last year, an increase the 10-campus system attributes to new hires and market pressure for more competitive salaries, especially at its medical centers.


UC Spends Big Dollars On Salary Boosts San Diego Union - Tribune
includes: Olsen spokesperson Amanda Fulkerson said UC officials sat in legislative offices during a year of negotiations and never mentioned the planned salary increases: “Shouldn’t this have been mentioned? It’s indicative of how this new UC president has done business and it hasn’t sat well, frankly.”

While Fulkerson is on point, it wasn’t hard to guess what would happen with a cash infusion. Last September, the San Francisco Chronicle reported the UC regents “gave 20 percent raises … to their lowest-paid chancellors – with some regents expressing regret that they could give so little.” These employees receive more than $380,000 a year.


Sac Bee also has:Yudof's joke is on us; we're not amused

UC paid Mark Yudof $591,000 after he stepped down from his post as president

Sabbatical pay is customary for high-ranking administrators, but it shouldn’t be

UC claimed it had cut administrative fat, yet was paying two presidents’ salaries

That’s quite a “custom,” and nice work, if you can get it. The sabbatical deal was written into Yudof’s original appointment by the UC regents, and Napolitano, whose own pay is $570,000, couldn’t have done much about it.

But it’s funny how UC didn’t think to mention Yudof’s sweet deal during this year’s legislative hearings into its budget, while its officials were claiming to have cut administrative fat to the bone.

The Sac Bee detailed reporting on it also: in this article

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