Monday, September 28, 2015

Caveats roundup...

UC Must Follow Department of Labor Rule for Post Doc Staff


Chicano Latino Alumni Association Releases Petition to Highlight Underrepresentation in Campus Leadership

Nicholas Dirks Discusses College Rankings, Black Lives Matter, Title IX, more...

and here

Reclaiming the master plan for higher ed in CA

CA  Democrats Starve Public Education


The Atlantic on Model Minorities and Admissions, College Rankings, here:
The Model Minority at Top Universities
Caveats to This Year's College Rankings

The Greatest Threat To Campus Is Coming From DiFi and Her Military Contractor Husband by Glenn Greenwald

And Remaking the University

Napolitano quoted in...Harvard report calls for more investment in education, infrastructure ...

'Culture Change Needed at Harvard' also at Boston  Globe

See VIDEO on
Napoliano interviewed by pol pr  at She Shares event:

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