Thursday, September 3, 2015

Higher Ed Myths and Switcheroos at UC- and everywhere else

First see on SAT scores and more:
Myths about College Degrees and the Job Economy Changing Universities

SAT Scores Slip Slightly; More Students Take Test
New York Times


State partners with UC to fight back against cyberattacks
Daily Californian-

that's an optimistic headline, but more like:
“The university is currently reviewing its role as outlined in Brown’s order and is considering candidates to represent the university at the integration center”

Daily Cal with
Planned fence around chancellor’s residence moved closer to property

Title IX Blog with coverage of:
"Professor's Title IX Claim Against Northwestern Dismissed"
In it :
First, the court determined that Ludlow was actually challenging an adverse employment action, and, as such, his Title IX claim was preempted by Title VII, the federal employment discrimination statute. The issue of Title VII preemption is not handled consistently by the courts, but there is precedent in the Seventh Circuit -- binding on the federal courts in Illinois -- that withholds Title IX remedies in cases where employees allege sex discrimination by their employer, reasoning that Congress intended the mechanisms of Title VII enforcement (which include first seeking relief from the EEOC) to apply instead.

-- Is that a Title IX 'bait' and then with a Title VII 'switch'?
Latest on Cooper Union latest developments links: at
also there a link to:
• "Protesters Call NYU “Cutting Edge Of Everything That’s Wrong” In Higher Ed(Buzzfeed 9/1/15)"


State Senate panel approves three for UC regents board
Los Angeles Times

The Senate Rules Committee voted 4 to 0 for the appointments of former Assembly Speaker John A. Perez; Eloy Ortiz Oakley, who is superintendent and president of Long Beach City College; and Gareth Elliott, Gov. Jerry Brown’s former legislative affairs secretary who is now working as a lobbyist. They were nominated by the governor.

Video for it begins at the 46:00 mark for this direct link:

- or see below:

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