Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mass Appeal?

so to speak, 'something for everyone' links below:

UC appeals sexual misconduct decision
The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Sometimes there’s no hearings, sometimes there’s a hearing,” he said about how schools now operate. “I don’t think any college, and certainly not the University of California based on judge Pressman’s ruling, has gotten it right yet,” he said….

Pres of the UC Regents in...
Jerry Brown's suicide dilemma - POLITICO

coverage mentions: UC alum “Brittany Maynard, who had a fatal brain tumor. Maynard moved to Oregon to use that state’s law, ending her own life in November with medication prescribed by a doctor.

Jerry Brown, 'Are you Catholic?' | The Sacramento Bee

Has he signed that: equal pay bill yet btw? see SJ Merc.:
also note this section there:
The bill by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, would let female employees challenge pay discrimination based on the wages that the company pays to other employees at different locations. They could also base challenges on wages the company pays to other employees who do substantially similar work.

and then compare it w/ this coverage on temp workers at UC at HuffPo :

While the number of people directly affected by the proposed law is small compared to those covered by recent minimum wage hikes in such large cities as Los Angeles and San Francisco, the symbolic value is significant. Will Brown side with UC and its president, Janet Napolitano, in opposing the bill, or will he align himself with those who believe that California’s preeminent public university must be held to a higher standard on one of the defining issues of our time?


UC claims it does not even know how many contractors it has across the state, let alone how many subcontracted workers these companies employ.


Dianne Klein, a spokesperson for the UC system, claims that most contract workers are short-term, and says it’s “untrue that contract workers have the same career trajectory as full-time employees.” When asked to define what UC considers short term, she replied: “the specifications of a contract.”

it is also covered in depth at;
A Fight Over Economic Inequality Is Brewing At The University Of California
UC is coming under fire for its use of thousands of low-paid contract workers.
Jerry Brown’s University of California Perma-Temp Problem
Capital & Main By Danny Feingold

Mother Jones:
The University of California Just Sold Off $200 Million in Fossil Fuel Investments
But it's still a small fraction of the university's overall investments in dirty energy.

University of California May Codify Right to Not Be Offended
Reason (blog)

more on that same topic: at Washington Post

and also at WaPo this:
UC-Riverside vs. US News: A university leader scoffs at the rankings

Do Businesspeople Make Good University Presidents?
The New Yorker

Napolitano shaped by firsts as female leader on national stage
KCRA Sacramento

UC Regents Investments Committee once again having issues with posting the meeting proceedings video and audio etc. - when does it get called a Sunshine matter? see UCLA Fac Blog with the detail: here "The Regents Draw a Blank"

and, finally:
A “member of the UC Investment Advisory Group for the last several years”, writes about it in:
Changing Universities
The Global Finance University: The Future of the End?
In perhaps one of the most surprising conversations I have ever heard at a UC investment meeting, Regent Makarechian started to drill the CIO about the relation between investing and human rights. I believe the regent even asked if we are investing in companies with good labor conditions. It was clear that the group was pretty uncomfortable with the discussion, but I see this moment as an opportunity.

Clearly, individual nations cannot deal with global climate change, tax evasion, international labor standards, migration, or terrorism on their own. Moreover, our democratic institutions are being transcended by multinational corporations, global elites, undemocratic central banks, and the World Trade Organization. Is it possible that our only hope is a shareholders revolution where huge pension and sovereign wealth funds transform amoral capitalism into socially responsible investing?

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