Tuesday, September 1, 2015

There's a fix for that, right?

Daily Cal: Sam Davis, campus professor emeritus of architecture, appointed as retirement liasion

Through his new position, Davis will provide “assistance in negotiating pre- and post-retirement arrangements” for faculty, according to an email sent to campus administrators Aug. 17.

Additionally, he will assist with negotiating the campus Pathway to Retirement option, an agreement that allows retirees access to certain provisions after retirement, which could include the use of campus offices and research space.

abc local UC Berkeley student diagnosed with measles

UC as part of the problematic state agency group-- and/also/or as part of the solution(?) in:

NBC Bay Area Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Creates Online Security Center to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Sacto Biz Jrnl Governor signs order to strengthen cyber security

LA Daily News UCLA Health notifying 1,242 patients about stolen laptop containing personal health info

DC still don’t know what happened with the other one mentioned: in this story


WaPo stirrings on the next Sept UC Regents meeting potential agenda item: Volokh on: The University of California, ‘microaggressions,’ and supposedly anti-Semitic criticism of Israel


Ms.: Nation's "Strongest Equal Pay Law" Set to Pass in California
There is a national law that protects women from pay discrimination the 1963 Equal Pay Act but according to Jackson, the Fair Pay Act would go much further. The California bill not only protects women from retaliation, but it also allows employees to challenge pay disparities between workers doing the same job at different branches of the same company (for example, two grocery store clerks working for the same parent company at different locations) and those doing comparable work. In addition, the bill requires employers to prove that pay disparities are based on qualifications and not on gender.

Said Jackson, "It is time that we fix the wage gap that women face at work and lead the nation in showing how it can be done."

more on it here, SB Independent:
Jackson’s Bill To Close the Wage Gap Women Face at Work Heads to the Governor

No, :Didn’t forget

It can feel sometimes like this vid., though

The summer started w/ : it
coulddha been ‘Rainbow Connection’ rather than 'Rainbow’

If you can, you should: catch September still…

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