Sunday, October 25, 2015

Are You Ready For, Um....

well... football. See UCOP's

The diagnosis that rocked football

Sony Trailer:


UC Signs Japan Stewardship Code

Bachher said the University of California believes the Japan Stewardship Code, which has a total of nearly 200 signatories, will lead to better shareholder returns over the long run by promoting better financial stewardship, corporate governance, and investment and dialogue. UC decided to sign the code following a visit to Japan by top investment professionals from its Office of the Chief Investment Officer.

“We feel confident that the Japan Stewardship Code will lead to long-term sustainable corporate growth,” said Scott Chan, who heads UC’s public equities team and led the delegation to Japan. “Our support for the code sends a message to Japanese corporations and investment managers about the importance we place on constructive engagement.”
More new global, global, global initiatives at Cal...


The aftermath op eds begin, continue:

Mercury News Editorial: Sexual Harassment Scandal at UC Berkeley Shows A Broken System

The "preponderance of evidence" is that this system protects faculty members and tells victims to just shut up. UC system leaders should be ashamed of themselves, even if the Geoff Marcys on their staffs are not.

Oakland Tribune at CoCo Times has another version:

If you missed it there was:
UC’s failure on sexual harassment

And earlier this section of note:

Astronomer resigns from UC Berkeley amid sex harassment scandal

The news of Marcy’s resignation did not calm all critics.

“It’s almost even worse,” said Michael O’Hare, a professor at the campus’ Goldman School of Public Policy, who pointed out that Marcy’s behavior with students had been going on at least since 2001 and was widely known. “People talked about it at astronomy meetings. A colleague, dean or department chair should have said (to Marcy) 10 years ago, ‘Look, this has to stop, or next time I’ll take you off teaching for a year and you’ll have to explain why.’

It is not a perk of this job to paw your students,” O’Hare said. If someone had intervened early on, “he wouldn’t have had to resign.”

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