Friday, October 23, 2015

Can Faculty Governance Save The Day? Did it ever?

(The $10 million dollar UCLA whistleblower case ,among others, comes up in this 2015 Spring talk at UC Davis):

“Keeping Track of One’s Moral Compass Despite Pressures to Lose It: How a Public University Can Maintain Its Integrity”
Dr. Haavi Morreim, Professor of Human Values and Ethics, University of Tennessee

Alt. links for it and background docs:

Folks pointing to:
What Is the Future for Public Universities Like the University of Kansas?

UD on it in  -this way:
"Whormitory Days"

Kansas University chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, chief academic officer at Chapel Hill during years of the now-notorious Nyang’oro scandal, worries in particular about the future of public universities in America.

As well she should, given the way she did absolutely nothing throughout her UNC tenure about immense academic fraud at that school… But she takes no responsibility for all of that; she’s worried that public universities are going to die because of declining state support.


on BriWi -- in the way his peers can't or won't

-is it enough just to change the channel when he jumps on?)


From almost a year ago, but it gets into Salaita, UCLA Head, and UK cases


"What was faculty governance? How can it be rebuilt?" with Prof. Christopher Newfield from UTFA on Vimeo.

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