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"deprive professionals from using their better judgment in discipline" -and a new one at UCD...

California Governor Vetoes Bill Calling For Minimum Punishments In College Sexual Assault Cases The law would have been the first of its kind in the country.

And his: quote used in the title can be found :here

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Sac Bee with the override option not used:

Now, see San Diego Reader with this latest on UC Davis:

... Late last month, Judge Timothy Fall blasted the university for failing to hold any hearings on the matter.

"Due process has completely been obliterated by the university’s failure to get this case adjudicated. Complete failure to do it,” said Judge Fall. “...[I]f anyone has failed the alleged victim in this case [it] is the University."

According to the transcript obtained by the Reader, Fall took issue with university administrators ordering him to move out of the City of Davis.

BuzzFeed follow-up:
Berkeley Astronomers Call For Professor To Leave In Wake Of Sexual Harassment Investigation
Astronomy professors issued a statement late on Monday calling for Geoff Marcy to leave the Berkeley faculty in the wake of sexual harassment allegations revealed by BuzzFeed News. Berkeley postdocs and graduate students issued similar statements


UC Berkeley astronomy professors call for famous colleague to leave faculty after violating sexual harassment policy

..."UC Berkeley sent Business Insider the following statement Tuesday":

The university has imposed real consequences on Professor Geoff Marcy by establishing a zero tolerance policy regarding future behavior and by stripping him of the procedural protections that all other faculty members enjoy before he can be subject to discipline up to and including termination.

Under existing university policy, the campus administration does not have unilateral authority to impose discipline on members of the faculty. Sanctions can be imposed only after a lengthy process, including a hearing before a faculty committee, in which outcomes are uncertain.

The university concluded that establishing clear behavioral standards governing his interactions with students inside and outside the classroom, and requiring him to waive his procedural rights in the event he violates the agreement, was the most certain and effective option for preventing any inappropriate future conduct.

The UC system has, for some time, been evaluating and revising its procedures for addressing sexual harassment, and we are committed to working with the appropriate university officials to evaluate improvements to the faculty disciplinary process as it relates to sexual harassment.


Berkeley Astronomers Call for Professor’s Departure After Harassment Allegations

Grad students ______


Post Docs


Charges of Harassment by Famous Astronomer Prompt Soul-Searching About Sexism in the Sciences

Adding fuel to the fire was an email to the department by its interim chair, Gibor Basri, which stated that the furor has been “hardest for Geoff.”

The faculty letter, which includes Mr. Basri’s name among its signatures, addresses this directly, saying, “We regret the harm caused by our faculty, and reject any suggestion that our sympathies should be with the perpetrators of sexual harassment.”

full text

We, the undersigned UC Berkeley Astronomy faculty, write to make clear that sexual harassment has no place in our Department, and that we fully support the survivors of harassment. We regret the harm caused by our faculty, and reject any suggestion that our sympathies should be with the perpetrators of sexual harassment. We are committed to developing and maintaining a supportive, open climate in which all members of the Department can thrive, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or religious faith. This goal has been compromised by policies that led to a lack of communication in UC Berkeley's handling of Geoff Marcy's sexual harassment case. We urge the UC Berkeley administration to re-evaluate its response to Marcy, who has been found in violation of UC sexual harassment policy. We believe that Geoff Marcy cannot perform the functions of a faculty member.

This is the system in which we operate': Melbourne University astronomer Katie Mack speaks out against sexual harasser Geoff Marcy

But in response to the investigation's findings - and Berkeley's apparent lack of disciplinary action - many members of the field seem to be taking a very different stance.
On Tuesday, Dr Mack posted a message to Twitter suggesting that $US100 million ($136 million) that Berkeley will receive over 10 years to search for extraterrestrial life is one reason why the university hasn't dismissed Professor Marcy.

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Napolitano w/ a press release that reads like that N. Kristo..oh never mind. And then she brings up NDT in it- of all people,of all subjects- in this moment

But, Anita Hill's former counsel, and current UCB GSPP faculty member does not mention any thoughts she has on content in links above re: UCB
CCC Head Brice Retiring next April:


also see what comes with leadership that greases the skids in the name of 'economic hubs'..:

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