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Fox News: Critics blast $20M Cal-Berkeley fund for race-based scholarships, hiring

With comment from former UC Regent Connerly:

Prop 209's effect on universities has long been viewed as impacting admissions policies. While private scholarships can legally use race as a consideration, Cal-Berkeley's involvement in creating and administering the endowment could be viewed as violating the law's intent, according to Connerly.

“I intend to ask the Pacific Legal Foundation to take a look and if there’s any wrongdoing found, we will sue,” he said. “If we allow them to disregard the law, then they will try to do more and more.”

Gail Heriot, University of San Diego law professor and expert on Prop 209, told The College Fix the scheme does appear to violate the law.

“If the initiative is as described in the university’s announcement, it is a straightforward violation of Proposition 209,” Heriot said.

--so, need a minute to remember those O'Rourke articles in RS ...and, decades later--that Title IX  Clery related 'Jackie' article also in RS.

and, see The Supreme Court Is Back At Work, And Things Look Pretty Ugly Already

Affirmative action, public unions and legislative representation are all on the chopping block in the next nine months.

But it won't be long until things start to heat up with cases that examine the future of affirmative action at public universities, the livelihood of public-sector unions, and whether the Constitution grants representation to everyone or just to registered voters in state legislative districts.

So far, legal observers and commentators agree those disputes -- Fisher v. University of Texas, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association and Evenwel v. Abbott -- are the big constitutional cases the Supreme Court will be hearing and deciding in the next nine months. For someone like The New Yorker's Jeffrey Toobin, this means "the coming liberal disaster."

--btw, Toobin's wife heard an earful recently at that hearing -- mentioned in an earlier post here is the direct link with video


And then there's this:

University of California still deciding who it will serve -- an op-ed from an author who recently wrote multiple op-ed on the recent free speech/academic freedom /campus climate agenda item at UC Regents meetings...

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