Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Five Seconds Of Non-Instruction Summer?, Tuition Hikes? , and maybe other new trends


Three-year degree pathways to combat looming tuition increase

The vice provost of undergraduate education formalized three-year plans for about 30 majors in an attempt to prompt students to graduate early, following a push from Gov. Jerry Brown to reduce the cost of higher education for University of California students.

Vice Provost Patricia Turner is working with Gov. Brown to create three-year schedules for the 15 most popular majors at UCLA, including chemical engineering, psychobiology and history, among others, by June 2017. Last spring, Turner began to compile a list of about 30 accelerated programs.

The May deal between Gov. Brown and University of California President Janet Napolitano mandated the creation of three-year academic tracks for the 15 most popular majors at each UC campus in exchange for keeping UC resident tuition rates stable for the next two years.


Turner said she and other members of her office are working to create more three-year plans for different majors throughout campus departments.


Major changes, including higher tuition, may be on the way for Cal State system

includes more success fees to students, change in state laws on investments, and year round instruction calendar possibilities

Other proposals could be controversial, such as allowing individual campuses to set out-of-state tuition, which could open a "Pandora's box" of eventually allowing them to set different tuition for California residents, said Hans Johnson, a senior fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California.

The suggestion that Cal State needs a new financial model raises questions about the relevance of the state's much-vaunted Master Plan for Higher Education, created in 1960 as a blueprint for tuition-free access for Californians to every major segment of higher education, Johnson said.

also see Daily Cal on it:

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