Wednesday, October 21, 2015

O' the vanities...

Opposition to Secret Presidential Searches Spreads
In 2015-16 the California State University (CSU) system will undertake searches for new presidents at the San Jose, Sonoma State, Channel Islands and Chico campuses. Academic Senates on all four campuses have passed resolutions calling for open searches. In what one colleague called a “groundswell,” a total of twenty-one [out of 23] CSU campus academic senates have passed, are considering or are beginning the process of considering, similar statements.

CSU policy used to mandate campus visits by finalists in presidential searches. However, in 2011...

Cal State Fullerton professor dumps boss's textbook, faces discipline

and at Cal, well follow the links in this piece and decipher for yourself:


Governor Jerry Brown signs bill to help homeless college students in California

Because of the autonomy of the UC Regents, the University of California cannot be forced to support homeless students,” Alavi said. “I hope not only that the UC [system] chooses to do so regardless of whether or not it’s a mandate, but I also hope that this starts a larger conversation about why the UC Regents, who are not elected or held accountable to students, are exempt from having to implement legislation that aims to support students.”


Brown’s veto of SB 42 stalls state’s progress

There is a talk today on hospitals and higher ed:

“Universities, Hospitals and the Social Mission

Julie A Freischlag Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences and Dean of UC Davis School of Medicine
Glenn Richard Olds, Founding Dean of UC Riverside School of Medicine and President of St. George’s University
Wednesday, October 21, 2015, Lecture: 3 to 4:30 p.m., 

Check out the Vanity Fair piece referenced in link below

Note in the VF article how Bay Area press are dissed and how campus press is viewed as less courageous than the Crimson

Also note
- how the 'assistant' to the two faculty members is viewed as the easy solution go- between in the matter when things get ugly --what a job...

-how the piece describes the individual contributors non community of GSB at Stanford

The piece does not mention Hennessey directly -what is he leaving as legacy there?

Partly it’s because the G.S.B. is an astonishingly atomized, antisocial place, more a loose confederation of independent contractors than a community. As long as he or she funds their projects and leaves them alone, the dean is quite immaterial to them.

Partly it’s because the students, their futures guaranteed simply by having gotten into the place, aren’t engaged enough even to gossip. Their seeming insouciance may account for the intermittent scandals, such as the Stanford business student charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony drunk driving after crashing into a taxi and killing a passenger not long ago, or regular weekend bacchanals in Las Vegas. Partly it’s the press: there’s not much left of it in the Bay Area, and The Stanford Daily has proved supine: “Not quite the [Harvard] Crimson, which would have printed this story gleefully years ago,” a former business-school student, one of the few to learn about and follow the Phills case, complained on her blog. Partly it’s the reluctance to challenge conventional wisdom: since everyone connected to so hot a place looks good, no one wants to take it down. And partly it’s fear. Everyone wants to work at Stanford, or to keep working there, or to send a child there, or to find a job in a place run by its ubiquitous alums, ...

Out at SF State, too

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