Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Open access research, open source voting - and 'creating' more difficult than ...

Groundbreaking University of California policy extends free access to all scholarly articles written by UC employees


Humanities What's The Big Idea

Humanities and liberal arts semantics and 'positioning' games?

Politico CA Playbook includes a bunch of UC Regents associations...

Gets into open source voting, the (lucrative?) pharma clinical trials industry in CA,  and

see if you can catch all the UC connections,  relationship chart links in it


The Oakland mayor (a new one, not the UC alum one who endured being called Quanland) comes up in it, and occasionally in some stories on UC -- but what is being done on  higher ed (not just higher ed UCOP headquarters networking..but the places with actual instruction, classes going on) in Oakland?
e.g. Mills, see:

...State of UCB and Mills relationship these days?
the Guv's view on climate change and UC highlights destruction accomplishments:

and then see UC view on the Gov and the Bay Bridge
 highlights how creation accomplishments are harder to fulfill:
Remaking the Bridge,’ 25 years and $6.5 billion...

Replacing the eastern span of the Bay Bridge — a vital link between the East Bay and San Francisco — was originally projected to cost $250 million. By the time the span was completed, the project came in at $6.5 billion.

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