Thursday, October 8, 2015

Picking "Global' Over 'Home Truths'?

Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks explains appeal of global campus


Sciences Po UCB Dual Degree


THE World Academic Summit 2016 to take place at Berkeley

Hhhmmmm, THE recently ranked UC....


UCR Highlander News Op Ed on Campus Climate Issues At UC Systemwide

It is, yet what about the one to four women who have been sexually victimized on their university campuses? What about the African-American student’s unequal experience at UC Berkeley, which even Chancellor Nicholas Dirks commented that they “feel the least respected of any group” according to a campus survey due to occurrences like being “excluded from study groups, ignored during class discussions, verbally harassed at parties and social events…” What about the Asian-Americans and Mexican-Americans at UCLA who were blatantly targeted by a flyer filled to the brim with racist and sexist slurs, which was sent directly to the campus’ Asian-American Studies Center. On UC campuses, more instances of intolerance based on religion, ethnicity, nationality, class, gender, sexuality and other characteristics can be named.

AlterNet with this post:

"Why Are Dianne Feinstein and Janet Napolitano Backing ...Going to extremes to stifle a growing movement."

claims..."that campuses had been “poisoned” by the infiltration of “foreign students who come from countries and cultures"....

“These are not your ordinary student groups like College Republicans or Young Democrats,”...“These are students who come with a serious agenda, who have ties ...

This press release on a new collaboration:

then see environ & energy pub. article:
more highschool students in higher ed?
Bill lets more high school students take college classes

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