Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Secretaries And Guvs

Arne,  (Arnold), Janet,  and Jerry
-and even 'Mitt'ens comes up, too in
Why Arne Duncan Mattered In CA
the relationship history at LA Times :


Also, this other piece there:

And, Unlike his predecessors, Arne Duncan tackled more higher ed issues

in press release:
Napolitano statement on Arne Duncan stepping down as U.S. Secretary of Education

and in this old post


UC regents, Aon Hewitt reach settlement in years-long dispute

and UCLA Fac Blog on the Japanese Garden, UC Donors rights, and the 'UC Regents Were Duplicitous statements...

and speaking of pr statements see:

that Gov. trip with a former uc regent comes up again...at Sac Bee

PS if you don't get how Duncan could have been picked for a Romney admin as mentioned in the LAT piece above, you should watch Napolitano comments at Haas on Boston and CA --DC tends to just see them as econ hubs to help grease skids  :See her talk at this link

But it is also why accountability and transparency probs in higher ed have hit crisis over and over. To a point where : now it is looking like the two party system has lost power to control it

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