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"Women in our field" , "my women colleagues" apology

The Old Gray Lady coverage : includes 'the wife' comments on "hysterical public opinion"
There's also:

The Alleged Perversion of Geoff Marcy and Sexual Harassment.

He went well below the equator and reached for the Tropic of Capricorn directly. That is sexual assault, not sexual harassment.

And includes:

"He pioneered the “wobble method” where the wobbling of a "

... they don't fall down?
A UCB Prof. Post includes:

What Geoffrey Marcy did was abominable; What Berkeley didn’t do was worse - at:

I’m sure male faculty all imagine themselves as the debonair professor who poor female students can’t help having the hots for. But it’s bullshit. The case we have to worry about is exactly the opposite – the one we know happens all the time – where “Randy Risktaker” has the hots for “Suzie Scholar” and uses his position of power over her to impose himself on her.

[And can we talk about names here for a second? Randy Risktaker and Suzie Scholar seem straight out of porn. Is that really the message we want to be sending here? Don’t you think the Geoffrey Marcys of the world read that and go — ooh, I AM a Randy Risktaker…]


First, they want to remind us that students CAN harass professors, creating a bizarre false equivalence and ignoring the obvious difference in position and power. Second, and far more importantly, they don’t say what they should say which is HEY DR. RISKTAKER, KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS AND GO BACK TO TEACHING.

Instead they all but give him permission to pursue the relationship, and give him a step-by-step guide of how to do it: call the sexual harassment officer to discuss the matter (right, like anyone’s going to do that) and then tell her you can no longer be her dissertation advisor anymore because you’d rather sleep with her than advise her academically. I’m sure Geoff Marcy Randy Risktaker is grateful for the guidance.

This isn’t education. This is repulsive.

That's but a few of the posts to add as coverage now begininng... 'WTF UC Parent Reactions Phase' likely to follow...and UC Berkeley Research- the UC brand, the branding that matters so much to some- inextricably linked to it all.


Original Post

Famous Berkeley Astronomer Violated Sexual Harassment Policies Over Many Years A university investigation into astronomer ...


"The Berkeley Astronomy faculty were unaware of the conclusions of the report because their former and current chair declined to inform them.

Vice Provost of the Faculty, Janet Broughton wrote:"  ...-just read the whole thing there...

Marcy's web page links to on:
Under the topic of:
"(Anxiety and Depression at UC Berkeley) and Posts about mental challenges."

Eminent Scientists are not Special Snowflakes 

More like that in:

An open letter written to Geoff Marcy and UC Berkeley’s administration, in absolute disgust. 

The Atlantic:
The Consequences of Sexual Harassment in Astronomy A six-month investigation found a decade of sexual harassment complaints against famous astronomer Geoff Marcy to be credible


Berkeley astronomer found guilty of sexual harassment

Don't miss:

Astronomy Community Mounts Stronger Response In Sexual Harassment Case Than UC Berkeley
You might think a university would recognize itself as something like a community, and that it would prioritize protecting vulnerable individuals within the community (like students) from harm. Maybe a university’s institutional policies are even intended to protect students, but in their operation they seem not to work that way. In this case, a professor found to have violated a university policy is essentially told not to do it again — because if he does, maybe the university will suspend or fire him.

This doesn’t seem to do a lot to protect current and future students from the same kind of harm from the same professor.

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  1. An interesting note (I'm the person who wrote the open letter, albeit very hastily at 5am,) the number of RT's it's gotten says something about the eventual fate of Geoff. It's been retweeted supportively by several dozen professors in his field, by multiple individual NASA staff members (including one who works on exoplanets, and I'm pretty sure would have directly worked with Geoff,) and dozens of professors in other fields at other universities across most of the world. Berkeley's response can't stand, and I think if for no other reason than the astronomy community mounting a more vigorous issue with it than Berkeley, UCB will be forced to revise their decision - or he'll just resign in lieu of termination (even though he's tenured, on that investigation report, it'll be a lot easier to cut than normal.)

    It's also worth noting that there are a *lot* of UCB faculty very very unhappy about the administration's decision here. I've not been in active communication with people in the faculty senate about the idea, but I would not be surprised to see it brought up in the senate and condemned in the strongest possible language.