Monday, November 2, 2015

A new ex officio UC Regent, Title IX and Academic Freedom spillover, more

LA Times:

As next Assembly speaker, academic late-bloomer Anthony Rendon aims to focus on education

'I was a product of California's low-cost higher education," Rendon reminds. At least it used to be low-cost. In recent years, tuition has soared. "I don't know that I would have thought of college as an option today."

His solution: more state money for universities, but tie it to lower tuition.

Rendon's No. 1 policy priority, naturally, is education. Specifically, it's early childhood education. Before he was a politician, Rendon headed a nonprofit child-services organization. He ran for the Assembly, he says, because Sacramento kept chopping childhood development funding.

"We've restored less than 20% of what was cut from early childhood education," he estimates.

See Daily Bruin:

Rendon also worked on Title IX policy and UC compliance issues...he also now becomes an ex officio UC Regent

See Daily Cal:
Campus allegedly violates federal law on sexual assault prevention training

Although the campus aims to train 2,800 to 3,000 incoming graduate students, less than half of these students had received training as of the end of October, according to Jane Fink, events manager of the Graduate Division.
The July report from the UC President’s Task Force on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault recommended that all incoming students be trained within six weeks of classes starting.

Training for graduate students is not a new policy for the campus. The campus currently requires sexual harassment training for all GSIs. Briefly in 2011, training was also required for all incoming students. Workshops, tailored by the campus Gender Equity Resource Center, were also made available.

----Recall Dirks found out about similar issues with the rollout on his new policy on the same training for undergrads, he found out about glitches while he was at a UC Regents meeting  and he made comment about it to the UC Regents, his frustrations with implementing new UC policy etc.

remember sfgate:
"UC Berkeley Chancellor Nick Dirks told the regents that Cal now requires all students to have mandatory training on sexual violence as part of campus orientation. But he learned on Tuesday that 500 students had skipped it. "So this morning, I instructed my team that there will be"

Beginning of the year training is said to be key because - stuff like: this story in Berkeleysde tends to happen at the beginning of the year.


This interesting snippet includes  acad AAUP Title IX work...

Also, going over the first draft of Committee A’s report on Title IX and academic freedom, revising the Association’s policy barring “collegiality” as a criterion in faculty evaluation, and discussing the Association’s defense of due process for contingent faculty members. And much, much else in the course of a two-day, ten-hour meeting and a working dinner

A Cal former chancellor - This time on Prop 13...

Since we're revisiting Formers...
There's Berdahl, his daughter and some goings on that have spillover of Title IX and Academic Freedom all over it: here, the history in multiple posts

I’m talking about UBC board chair John Montalbano, who resigned today, 7 weeks after he called up UBC professor Jennifer Berdahl to complain about her blog post, which called his board’s decision to...

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