Monday, November 30, 2015

'Broad Street' and 'Wall St.' CA News?

You might recall that a veteran  LA Times higher ed reporter, who is (sadly:-() retiring, was recognized by the UC Regents at the close of their Nov meeting.

It was the same reporter called on last year by the then compensation committee chair  -the chair spoke to the reporter directly from the regents table regarding how press cover UC compensation committee actions on UC pay , that happened at last year's July UC Regents meeting...

You might've also noted how two Leonhardt stories on UC were seemingly intentionally interjected into presentation  to the regents at some recent UC Regents meetings by UCOP staff.

Or, that at the November meeting this year Regent M chose the word "wizard" to describe certain UCOP personnel and other regents used "magic" and "wizard" terms just as Sac Bee also published an op ed on how Sacto funds UC and what they called "UC budget wizardry" ...

If you're afflicted with paying attention to,  remembering such things...even this sentence might have left you ruminating, here:

From an op ed making the rounds on various news sites: Why Can’t We All Fight On Like Old USC? California's Public Universities Could Learn Some Things From the Rise of the Trojans

"UCLA is a vital partner of Zócalo Public Square, which produces this column)"

That might"ve made you wonder: to what partnership is the writer referring? adverts? Or?
(...btw-that excerpt  or title comparing USC w/ UC(?!) should not shock... UC Regents maybe splitting their affiliations b/ween UC and USC ... Seems no one bats an eye at it anymore...

Remember, these are the days of 'we can have conflict of interest with diclosure' coming as directive from compliance committe chairs...while faculty are writing about a lack of shared governance)

You might think about such trivia/the above instances  ,
You might also notice patterns --the articles that are cherry picked for might also think of these events in the context of present rules now enforced on UC faculty and staff whereby they are apparently not allowed to, or disuaded from, contacting the UC Regents to discuss UC governance, policy etc as individuals. Yet, the Regents from their conference table, can pursue media, press, regarding coverage of UC policies, governance, Regents votes on action items ...

So, access and news coverage are important and newspaper op ed strategies can play into uc regent agenda items, actions on various governance matters- we've seen it happen recently , right?

Now consider:

Rupert Murdoch Fuels New Speculation About Eli Broad Acquiring LA Times


Now see/recall from 2007:
UC Regent Lansing and UC Regent Sherman's and UCLA's Geffen came up in a very similar history here:

The new chair of that smaller and maybe more nimble UC Health committee described by UCLA:

Hollywood dynamo Sherry Lansing talked about her philanthropic work supporting ... Cancer Center and co-director of the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine."

Then take a look at the higher ed and UC ties:

Welcome to the Broad Stem Cell Research Center | UCLA ...

Eli Broad | Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and ...

$4 million from Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation will support UCLA research
Two new gifts will benefit faculty in stem cell science and digestive diseases

Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research, located on the University of Southern California’s Health Sciences Campus.

Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation’s mission is to ensure that every student in an urban public school has the opportunity to succeed.

Just something to think about if Rupert Murdoch's tweet proves out...

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