Friday, November 20, 2015

Eezzz on down that road?


"How much more budget wizardry will we demand of UC?"

So after complaining that every UC penny was already committed, Napolitano now says – abracadabra! – she can make the expansion happen. Her plan phases out need-based financial aid for out-of-state undergraduates, makes some smaller cuts and uses short-term borrowing to scrape together the university’s share of the total $50 million price.

Napolitano says every campus will get some new enrollment, though it isn’t clear how she’ll address the obvious space issues. The dorms, labs and classrooms at the most popular campuses such as UC Berkeley are jammed.

Letter from UC Prez w/ thoughts on current issues related to her previous job:


NAM’s Ethnic Media Roundtable with UC President Janet Napolitano

Larry Aubry, Sentinel columnist and long time education advocate, opined it’s almost like the system was not designed for Black and Latino children in many ways. He recommended building a relationship and partnership with the local school districts and UC. He also urged public schools to beef up their efforts to get more information to parents.

“It’s almost like our kids are looked at episodically, not on a sustained basis, so if something happens, no one remembers, and then it goes away. And part of that is the community’s responsibility … but on the other hand, the system holds the responsibility,” Aubry said.
"The LAO is projecting that total general fund spending, including education, will increase next year by $5.9 billion – 5.1 percent."

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