Friday, November 6, 2015

Not what it seemed?

UC Merced incident coverage:

And there are brief:

Statements from UC President Napolitano and Regents Chairman Lozano on tragic incident at UC Merced:


Hypothetically, What if a  Pres. Of the UC Regents  tapped UC to do it?:

Jerry Brown had state workers research oil on ranch

LA Times thinks it's much ado about...?

What's so special about Jerry Brown's ranch?


They've also got:


Former UC Regent Chair Parsky and CalPERS saga in Sac Bee:

Investment Firm To Pay $2.3 Million To Estate Of CalPERS Bribery Figure

Read more here:

OK, so then there's a press release announcing:

Parsky was recently placed into a position: at RAND

And then...

The current UC Regents commisioned RAND July report on UC Med-- the way that whole thing went down is covered in relation to UC faculty governance issues in this new post:

The Weak vs. the Wrong, and An Emerging Alternative for Faculty Governance

-It is on Faculty, Staff, Students joint efforts to fight for better alternatives.

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