Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The saying goes something like?: "Elle est agitée par les vagues, et ne sombre pas"

a  UC  regent, offering condolences  in:

and in:


the UC Regents also might comment on:

UC Merced tragedy bring tight-knit community even closer


Such a violent event would be a tragedy on any campus. But the question is whether it will slow enrollment at the fledgling school by creating a negative perception of Merced, a name that means mercy.

-Still waiting for Dirks to comment on those recent study abroad initiatives recently announced by Cal in light of recent news events- if just to say that Cal obviously remains committed to it/them.

Court denies UC request to dismiss claims in Title IX lawsuit
In late September, the UC asked the court to dismiss some claims in the lawsuit because UC officials believed they adequately responded to Takla’s complaints. They added Piterberg did not pose a threat to Takla because he stopped harassing her after she reported the incidents.

The court decided UCLA is still responsible for addressing all Title IX complaints because students are still vulnerable to harassment, regardless of whether it has stopped in the meantime.

However, the court dismissed Glasgow’s claims that UCLA failed to properly supervise and train Piterberg, because public universities such as UCLA are not liable for their employees’ actions.

See how education and loopholes comes up on the question of pay equity in variety

Many want to cover just the other aspects peripheral fallout, -but not the cental issue in that case at Northwestern U.:
Prominent Professor Is Out After Lengthy Sexual Harassment Probe

There also was this turn of events in another big story:

Therapist Quits University Of Oregon, Claims School Punished Her For Whisteblowing


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