Monday, November 30, 2015

What's the diff between management, leadership, delegation, performance management in higher ed? More.

A  58th b day for UC Prez Napolitano over the weekend

Her dad was a med school dean , she recently spoke about that again

"Janet Napolitano on Report from Santa Fe" from U. New Mexico:

( btw, some health oddly enough was detailed in an article earlier this year related to her job when she was gov of AZ
Titled :'Governors who, like Maryland's Larry Hogan, have experienced illness or injury while in office')

...The detail in those above items may impact on her priorities, prejudice or sensibilities as she considers UC Med and UC Systemwide recent governance moves, ongoing priorities- or those details may not play into it at all.

Anyway, after such challenges - birthdays are indeed real celebrations

Here are two of her recent Fall 2015 talks:

Nope, they don't answer that question in this, but if you missed it:

'Difference Between Leadership and Management' ... Napolitano at Harvard talk ...
Video runs about one hour:


She also did this other talk there in October:
Video runs one hour:

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