Thursday, December 31, 2015

A NYE Count

DailyCal year end retrospective follows the academic calendar year mostly:


 UCOP PR - does it count?:

Here are some others:

Commentary: Pushing UCD To Do Its Fair Share Is Not Anti-Student
At the end of the day, the best option from a planning and land use perspective is to put student housing on campus where students can bike and walk to class. The city of Davis does not appear to have the capacity to solve the student housing crisis without considerable buy-in from the university.

And yet, for reasons I do not fully understand, UC Davis is not willing to fully embrace this issue. If they do not house the students – where do they expect students to live?

This other piece there cropped up, seems to point to numbers that are ,well, if you used those numbers on IX or Clery they would get some srutiny, are the numbers believeable on WB?
See: "Does UC Davis’ Whistleblower System Work?"
"States’ Pension Woes Split Democrats and Union Allies"
Left-leaning politicians are increasingly supporting more aggressive revamps of retirement benefits despite opposition from labor officials


"What Is the Future of Higher Education?"
Experts in the field offer their reasons for optimism and pessimism going forward.

This op ed on some recent CA Leg moves, includes suggestions...

Unfortunately, in the current climate, more practical campus-based solutions than unenforceable “yes” policies are unlikely to be considered by most higher education institutions, alumni, or state legislatures, when these might actually deal with the problem. ....This is certainly a less costly service than adding 50 new Title IX coordinators on each campus as Harvard did.


 brown -NYT decided to cover... the ranch:


Ha, an NYE funny: former UC pres / self described "roving"emeritus 
Yudof called it :  a long time ago,  "I'm the manager of a"...

 Remember?  NYT:
"Being president of the University of California is like being manager of"...

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